Apple's upcoming iPad Pro featuring a larger 12.9-inch screen was previously rumored to come early this year, but thanks to production issues with the bigger screen, Apple's plans are said to have changed. So, the iPad Pro which isn't even announced yet is delayed!

Reports recently have revealed the fact, and now it seems the device will go into production around September. If this happens, we'll see the iPad Pro in October, the time when Apple typically reveals its new iPad line.

iPad Pro to Getting USB, Mouse, and Keyboard Support

If I were Apple, it would have been good news for me, and so is for Apple. The company is meanwhile investigating faster charging technology for the device. Of course, a bigger device will use more battery and will need to charge sooner than other devices.

This delay will also give Apple enough time to tweak its design and work on the device to add support for USB 3.0 ports, Mouse, and Keyboard.

To provide support for USB, Mouse, and Keyboard, Apple would require making certain change in its iOS. Although these ideas seem “out of fashion,” it'll still attract business users who need a cheaper, more secure and longer-lasting laptop alternative. After all, this 12.9-inch iPad is made for business focus.

If you can't think of what use the USB, Mouse and Keyboard will be, just think about the loss Apple has seen in the last four quarters, regarding its iPad. When more people are starting to buy phablets, the bigger tablet from Apple will make sure it appeals business as well as normal users.

Apart from these extra additions, Apple has partnered with IBM to strike a deal according to which IBM is making applications for banking, retail, governments and the telecommunications sector.

These apps combined with the support or USB, Keyboard and Mouse would provide greater flexibility within a business environment. At least it'll be good for Apple whose share of the global tablet market was also down 5%.

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  • jdizzl

    I would buy one if it had mouse support for sure…desktop at home, ipad on the go.

  • natan

    I really don’t see the point on using an iPad Pro if you have a laptop lol