iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts To Use Your Big Screen Device Like a Boss

Migrated from a Mac to iPad Pro recently? Get accustomed to iPad Pro’s smart keyboard easily as there is a striking similarity between OS X keyboard shortcuts and iPad Pro keyboard shortcuts.

Ever since Apple has launched its iPad Pro in the market, there has been gossip abuzz – Apple is killing its own MacBook. We don’t want to plunge into this business, but seriously want to compare the usefulness of both the products.

If we closely examine the features and size (which matters the most in this age), people would certainly give a second thought before buying a MacBook. Since iPad Pro is a huge 12.9-inch monster, a keyboard was rightly expected by users. Apple fulfilled this demand by giving a beautiful smart keyboard with iPad Pro. This one is a full-size keyboard, fully portable and connects to iPad Pro with a smart connector.

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iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

On top of this, there is a striking similarity between many of the keyboard shortcuts of iPad Pro and OS X. This means many shortcuts on iPad Pro keyboard work in the same manner as they work on OS X keyboard. So if you have switched from your Mac, running on OS X, to the new iPad Pro, you will feel a kind of affinity with iPad Pro’s smart keyboard. You can easily create new documents, make text bold or turn it into italic and so forth. Now use your iPad Pro’s keyboard and quickly interact with the device.

Editing Text

If you are using a document, you need to add some style to the text. Here are some shortcuts that you are familiar with.

  • Bold: Command+B
  • Italic: Command+I
  • Underline: Command+U
  • Increase font size: Command +(plus)
  • Decrease font size: Command – (minus)
  • Copy style: Command+Option+C

Word Processing

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Want to add comments, search words and phrases, create a new document? Fret not! Try out these shortcuts.

  • Add comment: Command+Shift+K
  • Find: Command+F
  • Show word count: Command+Shift+W (works for a highlighted section of text, too)
  • Show ruler: Command+R
  • Create document: Command+N


Get some more similar shortcuts.

  • Try Command-Tab to invoke the app switcher and move one app to the right, or Command-Tilde (~) to move one app to the left.
  • Try Command-P to print your document, too.
  • Find any others? Let us know in the comments.

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