The most awaited event for any Apple lover is finally here, Apple just made some very fascinating announcement on iPad. Apple has named the new iPad as iPad Pro; and it is a pro by all means. Apple has equally focused on hardware and software this time. iPad Pro has the latest and best-in-class chipset with a better GPU; delivering performance like never before. Yes, we know you are desperate to know the detailed features of the new iPad Pro; we have got it covered for you.

iPad Pro Features
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iPad Pro Features


iPad Pro has the biggest every display size than any other in iOS family. Big brother is not just huge in size, there’s equally loaded hardware under the hood. Display size of the new iPad Pro is 12.9 inches; in addition to that, it has 5.6m pixels which are even more than a Macbook Pro. The display is undoubtedly marvelous. Even though display has gone bigger, it’s thinner and can be easily held for all day.

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Under the hood of iPad Pro, it’s loaded with latest A9X 3rd generation 64-bit chip, which has 2x memory bandwidth and 2x faster storage performance compared to A8X. A9X chipset is faster than 80% desktops in performance, and 90% faster in graphics. The best part is, even though it is loaded with such heavy chipsets you can easily use iPad Pro for 10 straight hours.


Apple products have never disappointed photo takers; iPad Pro is not different in this league. iPad Pro has 8MP rear camera and 5MP front FaceTime HD camera.


One of the most shocking announcements at the event is, Microsoft to enhance the office while Adobe with the new app called PhotoshopFix. SplitView has been introduced in this new iPad Pro, so you can now easily multi-task two different apps simultaneously.


iPad Pro has got four speakers, making it possible to use it for video editing or for just watching your favorite movies. With Apple quality is always at the top priority.


The height and width of iPad Pro is same as iPad Air; but it’s nominally heavy, weighing 1.57 pounds. Thickness is 6.9mm compare to iPad Air 2 that has 6.1mm thickness.

Apple Pencil and Keyboard Case

  • iPad Pro has an additional accessory called Apple Pencil, in layman’s language it’s a stylus pen. Apple Pencil is already equipped with Force Touch capabilities. Apple Pencil will be an easy option for artists, as it can recognize the force and angel of your movement and draws according to it.
  • Smart Keyboard Case designed specifically for iPad Pro.
  • New range of Smart cases and covers.

Lastly, iPad Pro is releasing this November along with iOS 9. There is no change in color though, that’s the only disappointing news in the new iPad Pro.