The iPad is an excellent gadget for presenting PowerPoint/Keynote slides. There are lots of apps to do this and each app has unique features that make it amazing. Quite a lot of people – from schools and businesses to enterprises – use the iPad to present slideshows in brainstorming sessions. Thanks to the availability of a number of finest options, finding the best iPad presentation apps is never a big deal.

Based on your specific needs, you can choose an ideal app to create highly appreciable presentations. You can also use various advance tools like impressive templates to craft mind-blowing slideshows with ease. Head over to explore what’s more they have to offer!

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Best iPad Presentation Apps

Best iPad Presentation Apps

#1. SlideShare

SlideShare Presentation iPad App Screenshot

As we all know that SlideShare is the best platform to share your presentations online and the reason is its amazing features. These features are now available in the iOS app too. You can explore millions of presentations on your iPad through the SlideShare app. If you have a lot of them to read, just save it and watch them offline later. Share the presentations instantly on your social media profiles and let your friends know what’s trending.

Price: Free
Download SlideShare

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#2. SlidePocket

SlidePocket Presentation iPad App Screenshot

Want to create a presentation on your iPhone? Well, you can’t get a better option than SlidePocket. The app has some extraordinary slide templates which will help you to make some amazing presentations. It also has an instant access to some awesome Stock images. Personalize your presentations with theme editor and present it in style! You can even import the PDF in your iPad. The interface of the app is quite simple and is easy to use. What more can you ask when you have an app with such features? So what keeps you waiting? Download the app now!

Price: Free
Download SlidePocket

#3. FlowVella

FlowVella Presentation iPad App Screenshot

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to insert text, images, videos or audio files in your presentation, FlowVella app allows you to do everything on your iPad. You can share the presentations with anyone you want to and keep them private too. The app is specially designed for iPad and you can access your files from anywhere by synchronizing them from any of the cloud store options.

Price: Free
Download FlowVella

#4. Keynote

Keynote Presentation iPad App Screenshot

When we talk about presentations, I am reminded of Jobs introducing a string of insanely successful devices to the world – iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Besides Jobs's legendary charm there was something behind him that worked wonders. It was almost always, Keynote presentations.

Keynote for the iPad is the default, standard and best solution if you are looking to make really amazing presentations. To those that are already familiar, this will be the best presentation app for the iPad. Windows users who have a fixation for PowerPoint might need some time to adopt a different method of working. But it's great.

Price: Free
Download Keynote

#5. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation iPad App Screenshot

A majority of the world relies on Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations. What better way to go about it than using the official PowerPoint app. Built exclusively for the iPad, MS's PowerPoint app has almost all the features of the desktop app. You can not only import and present files through your iPad, but you can also edit them right on the iPad. There's OneDrive integration. There are features like a built-in laser pointer that make presentations all the more focused and impressive. Couple all this with a wonderful, intuitive interface and you get a winner.

Price: Free
Download Microsoft PowerPoint

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#6. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck Presentation iPad App Screenshot

Haiku is a simple and elegant presentation app built for the iPad. It lacks in several things: you can't share lists, you can't add much aesthetic features (backgrounds etc.) except for the templates. But it more than makes up for these through it's intuitive, simple and really elegant design.

The templates will cost you a bit more but they're excellently designed.

Price: Free
Download Haiku Deck

#7. SlideShark

SlideShark Presentation iPad App Screenshot

SlideShark is a really powerful and amazing presentation app which helps you present PDFs, HTML files and web pages on the go. SlidShark has a really good support for all PowerPoint files and preserves the fonts and the images so you get what you expect. It's built for social sharing so you can share presentations faster.

Price: Free
Download SlideShark

#8. Power Presenter

Power Presenter Presentation iPad App Screenshot

Power Presenter is the perfect app if you're looking to hook up your iPad to your Apple TV or a presenter. It's feature-rich, brings excellent support for PDF files (but the bad thing is it doesn't support natively other formats. You'll have to make PPT, HTML etc. a web-content in order to access it from within Power Presenter).

Power Presenter lets you mark on the screen to highlight, show or indicate. This is a nifty little feature that makes presenting using the iPad such a great experience.

Price: $1.99
Download Power Presenter

#9. SlideIdea

SlideIdea Presentation iPad App Screenshot

SlideIdea for iPad is a revolutionary way of creating and – most importantly – letting audiences interact with your slides. It offers an elegant and simple interface to create slides from amazing templates and widgets. You can create slides real fast with a lot of things like images, charts and more. But much more than that, you can make them truly interactive to have people interacting with the slides real-time through their own mobile devices. It's an incredible presentation app for iPad. Here is full review of SlideIdea

Price: Free
Download SlideIdea

#10. Slideshow Remote

Slideshow Remote® for PowerPoint iPad App Screenshot

“Slideshow Remote” is one of the most efficient presentation apps I have ever used on iPad. It combines remote control for Windows PowerPoint, Keynote and PowerPoint mobile viewer to provide top-notch user-experience.

You can view current, next slide and even jump to the previous/next slide. It allows you to select output resolution. The app supports 1080p Full HD output. You can share slides via AirPlay and also view them on the new Apple TV.

Furthermore, Slideshow Remote has the support of multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Price: $9.99

That’s all!

What’s your pick?
Assuming you have liked these top presentation apps for iOS. By the way, which one have you picked for creating great slideshows? Feel free to let us know its name and the features you have found appreciable in it.

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