Digitimes reports, quoting sources from component manufacturers, that Apple has cut down shipments for the iPad Mini for this quarter.

This can mean two things: iPad Mini’s popularity is lowering due to competition from Android tablets or Apple is gearing up for the iPad Mini 2.

The iPad Mini 2 has been long rumored since the launch of iPad Mini itself. This March was purportedly a hectic month for Apple with a couple of launches planned: iPad and iPad Mini 2. But of course, as luck would have it, the launch didn’t happen and rumors now suggest that the release of iPad Mini 2 would be a 3rd quarter affair.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumors

Early iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumors have been pinned for March/April. It’s unlikely that Apple would have an April event. The six-month launch cycle notwithstanding (it doesn’t really seem very much in favor of Apple), Apple has now been rumored to release the iPad Mini 2 in the second-half of 2013.

Third quarter really puts it across June and September, a long time-frame. The next iteration of the iPhone (5S) has also been rumored to be launched sometime in this time-frame.

The iPad Mini 2 has been variantly rumored to feature a Retina Display and feature a regular non-retina display. Some reports point out that the iPad Mini 2 might feature a retina display because Apple has been working on a single LED light bar tech which would enable the retina feature despite keeping the iPad Mini 2’s thickness approximately similar to its predecessor.

Anyway, where does the shipment reduction info come from? Digitimes cites various component manufacturers. Clubbing these source reports, it looks like Apple could be cutting down to as much as 20% for April and may continue to decline in the subsequent months. As of current standing, the shipments are in the range of 10 million units of the iPad Mini.

Are you expecting an iPad Mini 2 before September this year?

  • Nitin Shingadia

    Apple, Do not play with emotions. If you take longer time to bring ipad mini 2 in market. You may loose. People mind is diverted with other choices. Action fast.