3 Best iPad Mini Keyboard Cases: Type Faster and Comfortably

The iPad Mini is actually a mini-tablet that’s designed to use it comfortably while holding it in one hand. But then, we’re always fond of finding ways in which we can improve the functionality, getting more out of the elegant gadget and use it effectively. That’s where accessories like the iPad Mini Keyboard cases (Bluetooth) come in.

Although none of the iPad Mini cases have been released yet, these are the cases you should be looking forward to. They’re built to industry standards by large brands that have established themselves in the art of making cases, Bluetooth keyboards and more.

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Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Mini

#1. ZAGGKeys Mini 7

ZAGGKeys Mini 7 Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

The ZAGGKeys Mini 7 is all that you’ll want from an iPad Mini keyboard case. The “island-style” keys (reminiscent of Mac keyboard) make it easy to type on the keyboard even though it’s a little small.

The case comes with a durable and sturdy design that helps you keep the iPad Mini as well as the keypad safe from accidental scratches or jerks. And of course, there’s a built-in stand which lets you hold the iPad Mini at a comfortable angle as you type.

Price: $89.99 ($24.99 on Amazon)
Out of stock on their site, you may buy it from Amazon.com

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#2. ZAGGKeys Mini 9

ZAGGkeys MINI 9 Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

ZAGG Keys Mini 9 is almost close to the Mini 7 series. The only difference is that the Mini 9 series has more keys – special function keys, to be precise – which are built to meet the needs of power-users. If you’ve been using traditional iPad keypad cases all this while, you’d be familiar with the function keys. To such users, the ZAGG Keys Mini 9 would be really helpful.

Other than this, this keypad case holds the same spec as that of the previous listing. Durable, strong, sturdy and a really elegant, ergonomic design that is intuitive to use and experience.

Price: $89.99 ($25.00 on Amazon)
Out of stock on their site, you may buy it from Amazon.com

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#3. ClamCase iPad Mini Keyboard

ClamCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case

We’re eagerly awaiting the release of this case. ClamCase often comes out with interesting designs that almost convert your iPad into a notebook.

These guys focus specifically on iPad keyboard cases and they’re pretty good at it: which is why we’re eagerly awaiting the ClamCase iPad Mini keypad case. Although no spec information or release date is available, their press release says that the ClamCase iPad Mini keyboard case will be available by early 2013.

Price: $129
Buy it from Amazon.com

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