The iPad Mini 3 is launching in three colours – Silver, Space Gray and Gold – with a starting price of $399. If you had been waiting to buy the iPad mini 3, you would be disappointed as there is nothing new except the TouchID.

Planning to upgrade to it? You wouldn’t be at a lot of advantage. Unlike other Apple products which have been released on 16 October, it doesn’t have more features to showcase.

iPad Mini 3 Features

Though all the available features are great, you expect a new release to come loaded with a lot of exciting features. Read more to find out what the new iPad mini 3 has got for you.

iPad Mini 3 Features

#1. 5 MP iSight Camera: If you had been craving for more mega pixels, you would be a little disappointed. 5 MP camera is enough for good quality images but the standard is being set at 8 MP now.

#2. 1080p HD Video Recording: Nothing new here as well. But it’s like the camera right now has peaked in this segment.

#3. FaceTime HD Camera: FaceTime HD camera is great but again it is already there with iPad mini 2. So, you have got nothing really exciting here either. On the iPad Air 2, the FaceTime camera has been slightly upped..

#4. TouchID: It is the only new feature in iPad mini 3 as compared to the previous version iPad mini 2.

#5. A7 Chip: The folks haven’t even upgrade the chip to something faster. You get the same chip, the same performance and the same battery life.

Here’s a funny thing. The iPad Air starts at $399, the same price as iPad mini 3 starts at. That means, for the same price, you get a performance that’s much much better. Apple did not even ‘rush’ through iPad mini 3: they totally side-stepped and made what looked like a ‘passing reference’ to the upgrade.


Not quite surprisingly though. Apple probably wants people to move to the iPad Air 2 even if the mini is what you have in mind.