Update (16-July-2013): Digitimes rumors suggests an almost bezel-less design for iPad Mini 2 with Retina display. Here’s more on it:

Of all the foregone conclusions, a retina display on the iPad Mini 2 has been discussed quite excitedly. We’re probably just a few months away from an upgrade to the latest device from Apple – the iPad Mini – and speculations and rumors are in full swing.

Rumors on the iPad Mini 2 features began in earnest soon after the release of the iPad Mini. The lack of a good display sparked the thought that Apple would be introducing the retina display in the next iteration of the device. The iPad Mini 2 consequently began to be tooted as the retina iPad Mini. Interestingly, several discussions that have been pointing towards this development have sprung up from prominent tech writer in Anandatech etc.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumors

iPad Mini 2 Release Date

Apple has updated the iPad 3rd gen in six months from the original launch and this has raised some eyebrows. Experts now opine that Apple might be looking at shorter product launch cycles – of six months instead of one year or more – to compete with products in the market. Notably, this means competing with Samsung which releases a new product every few months.

iPad Mini 2 Features

It is a little too early to speculate on other features that Apple would introduce in iPad Mini 2. At the moment, except for the retina display, everything seems to be perfect: the device has LTE, good cameras and a decent processor. However, talking about processors and cameras, we can probably guesstimate that the iPad Mini 2 would feature:

  • A5X or A6 processor
  • 8 MP iSight camera (although that seems unlikely)
  • A more powerful FaceTime camera
  • 2048×1536 px retina resolution

iPhone 5S/6 Too!

Early this month, we had rumors, speculations and even leaked images of an iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 shell. We’re not too sure about an “iPhone 5S” – the nomenclature doesn’t have a solid footing either. However, of the devices that will be rumored, the next iPhone and the iPad Mini 2 would register a stronger impression on the radar. If you care to find out the rumored iPhone 5S features, you’ll find this post useful.

We’ll keep an eye on the iPad Mini 2, iPad 5 and the iPhone 6. Bookmark us to follow the latest news on all these impending devices.

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