iPad Insurance Plans: All You Need to Know to Get Best Coverage for iPad

Tablet insurance, although not so popular, is an important thing to consider if you value your gadget a lot. Theft, accidental damage, water – a lot of things can happen and going by the maxim, it is better to be safe than sorry, one would think that insurance is the safest bet.

Although it’s not so popular, people are becoming aware of the benefits. Corporates, for instance, prefer iPad insurances. But then again, not every company gets it done.

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iPad Insurance Plans

Frankly speaking, iPad insurances plans have become quite affordable. They’re often as costly as $5-$9 a month or in terms of one-time fees, $100 for a couple of years. For a $400+ gadget, that’s quite a cheap fee to shell out for the protection.

Let’s first check out what is usually covered.

What’s Covered in iPad Insurance:

#1. Accidental damage: most accidents involve dropping the iPad on a hard surface; this usually leads to the device getting cracked, the shell tearing off etc.

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#2. Theft (mostly): reports point to an increasing rate of gadget theft in the US; notably, the iPhone. Since the iPad Mini is equally easy to steal, buyers have to be careful about this.

#3. Fire accidents: accidents that involve fire might lead to burning of gadgets like the iPad which lie around the household.

#4. Liquid: flooding, tornadoes, snow storm, hurricanes; or say, accidental drop into the pool, ocean etc;

All natural disasters

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Cracked screen: this is the most disastrous of all claims; a cracked screen is the most common result of dropping an iPad face-down or even otherwise.

Who are the Top Insurance companies?

1. InsureAppleiPad.com

View their Pricing: https://www.insureappleipad.com/pricing.html

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2. BestBuy

Best Buy has it’s own gadget insurance cover you can get when you purchase iPads from them. You’ll need to get to the store to get the details depending on the status of the iPad.

3. Square Trade

One-time fee plans. Pretty good.

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4. WorthAveGroup

Yet another wonderful, clearly organized insurance group: http://www.worthavegroup.com/ipad

5. Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is very popular in the UK; it provides iPad insurance services in the U.S as well.

That’s all, guys!

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  1. I really love to read this articles that have good information and ideas about insurance and share to each reader. I found a lot here and hope to read more from you. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

  2. I would not recommend going with Insure Apple iPad. Looks like a scam to me, F rating by the Better Business Bureau and no actual company name.


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