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In mid-2010, Joshua Hays (Marketing Director at Car People Marketing) wrote a post about how iPad helps salespeople through a variety of apps. Interestingly, the iPad was new and the apps for it were limited back then. Today, the whole demographics has changed to include over 200,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad and a lot of improvements from battery to processors.

The iPad is an ever more powerful gadget for the traveling salesman. And in view of all the recent changes, we're going to take a stroll through how the iPad actually makes things better and easier for salespeople across the globe.

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Best iPad App for Salespeople


  1. Sales People Need to Present
  2. Sales People Can Do POS
  3. On Accepting Payments on The iPad
  4. Managing Things
  5. Meetings and Chats
  6. Finally

iPad for Sales People and Presentations

Salespeople and presentations go hand-in-hand. From HD photos to live demos of softwares (as a service, for example), salespeople always need to “show” things to people to convince them, to entice them and to seal the deal.

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The iPad comes with a bucket-load of apps both built-in and from the App Store that helps salespeople demo their products. Apps like iPhoto, Photo.app, and other cloud-based albums and slideshow apps are readily available for salespeople to display the images in ultra high-quality.

Custom 3D apps and CAD software, built specifically for the iPad can also help people involved in real-estate, product development or mechanical development showcase the renders in real-time right from their iPad. Add to this the facility of cloud-based storage and Internet access, things become even more easier.

Not only this, but when we talk about presentations, we've got Keynote which helps you create amazing presentations right on your iPad. With scores of ready-made templates that are designed with an eye for detail and class, it becomes a wholesome app for creating presentations. Of course, for those that are comfortable with Microsoft PowerPoint, there are apps like CloudOn.

Point of Sales

One of the coolest things that the iPad has been able to integrate into the fold is Point of Sales. The iPhone is more of a personal gadget that doesn't exactly fit this purpose but with an iPad, salespeople are more likely to be able to do POS easily. With larger display, better integration of payment systems and galleries to showcase things, POS becomes very easy with the iPad.

On Accepting Payments On-the-Go

To top this, we have apps like Square, PayPal and Intuit GoPayment which take care of accepting payments.

Apps like Square and Intuit GoPayment come with the credit-card reader that can be attached to the iPad. With secure handling built right into the system, salespeople can accept payments through credit cards and bill the client easily and securely.

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Sales Management

This is where the iPad gets most useful. Salespeople have to routinely manage a variety of information like:

  • contact information
  • status of deals and projects
  • accounting of closed sales, pending payments, invoices
  • leads and tasks management
  • reminders

The iPad, surprisingly, comes with a ton of apps for each of these. The defaul stock apps found on the iPad are good enough for reminders and contact management. With iPad 3rd-gen, you also have your virtual assistant Siri taking care of a lot of things through meticulous automation. Siri can store numbers, create reminders and have most other tasks performed through natural commands.

Task and project management on the iPad is yet another feature that adds feather to its cap. With dozens of apps specifically designed for easy and simple task management, salespeople with an iPad have an upper hand in dealing with their routine work.

Your CRM might also be available as an iPad app or may be easily accessible from the Mobile Safari on iPad. Little things like these make the iPad all the more powerful.

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Meetings and Conferencing

Apps like Webx and GoToMeeting are clear examples of how team-conferences and group chats can be good even on the iPad. Most people rely on notebooks but they are cumbersome in comparison to iPads. iPads are more mobile, easier to handle and have comparable configuration that makes video conferencing a breeze.


The iPad is getting quite powerful with all the new configurations, Retina Display features and softwares like Siri. It has proved to be a great tool for salespeople but it is still far from being adopted as a very common gadget among these folks.

In the days to come, I think the iPad will become a popular gadget in the hands of salespeople as more and more companies readily adopt the gadget into their ecosystem.

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