Apple’s iPad has taken its rightful place in the tech world, bridging the gap between personal computer and smartphone effectively. Now, iPads and other tablets can be found in almost every walk of life, offering enormous opportunities in entertainment, web browsing, email, and more.

However, many people do not think of the iPad business apps. As it turns out, the iPads intuitive touch-screen interface and portability make it the perfect addition to any business portfolio. And with the amount of apps on the App Store that have driven the tablet’s evolution.

iPad Business Productivity Apps

Here’s a Look at the Vast World of Business and Productivity iPad Apps

Used in Tandem with a PC

Most people that own an iPad already own a PC or a Mac, and the iPad sits as an in between. However, many innovators on the app store have seen this as potential grounds for a symbiotic relationship. In other words, new apps allow users to use their iPads in tandem with their home computers. Air Display 1.2 is one such app, reports PCMag. The app allows customers to use the iPad as a second screen for their home or business computer. This is effective when business people are interacting with a multitude of tabs or programs at once, as it expands the visual space in which they can interact with said programs. Furthermore, it’s a way to group productive and unproductive activities, with social media relegated to one screen and work pursuits occupying another.

Another popular app that combines the iPad and a personal computer is Citrix GoToMy PC. This app allows users to control their computers using the iPad as a sort of remote access point.

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Cubby is another app that syncs up data between your tablet and your computer. The app creates shared folders that automatically transfer between each other, so that any progress made on an iPad project can be accessed from the PC, and vice versa.

Word Processing

While the iPad seems to sit between the laptop and the smartphone, without apps, its ‘notes’ section is far behind the usefulness of traditional word processing software. Luckily, there’s an app for nearly every problem, and this one’s included. Today’s app store hosts a plethora of word processing apps, including iWork for iPad. The bundle includes Keynote, which is Apple’s edition of PowerPoint, as well as Numbers, which correlates with Excel, and Pages, which functions similarly to Microsoft Word. The total cost for the bundle is a mere ten dollars, and it opens the frontiers to productive word processing in almost any situation.

Goodreader, another top choice, is specifically designed with editing in mind. Hong Kiat reports that this useful application allows users to edit their pieces while on the subway, bus, or in the meeting room before a presentation. It’s highly intuitive, accessible, and applicable to a whole host of situations. It’s also relatively cheap, so it’ll fit into nearly any budget.

Finally, there’s the Google Docs app. Google is a monster in the tech world, and the company’s team of programmers never fail to release top-notch products at the best price, that is, free. Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet allow documents to be quickly synced and stored in the cloud, and even offer the option of having multiple people edit all at once, which appeals to a whole range of industries.


While many of the apps mentioned above are indispensable to the modern professional, none of them are directly involved with sales. However, there is a wide range of applications designed with sales specifically in mind. Invoice2Go is one such iPad app. The intuitive interface is simple and accessible, and should appeal to the small business owner looking to save time and money while performing professional tasks such as creating invoices, recording sales, and billing customers. With over 20 template choices and an extensive list of features, including one that allows users to add PayPal buttons so that customers can pay using the popular online service, it’s an absolute must. The app comes as one of Techradar’s top recommendations for business and productivity.

Finally, there’s the actual sale itself. For years, if a mobile business owner wanted to sell a product, cash and check were the only options. However, in this increasingly plastic world, fewer and fewer people keep a ready supply of paper money in hand. That’s why the iPad is so magical: it’s the hardware for mobile Point of Sale, or POS, technologies. Shopify sells card readers that plug into the iPad’s headphone jack. These allow businesses to meet the customer halfway, with full records stored in the Cloud after heavy encryption to ensure safety. Mobile POS apps should become more and more popular in the near future, and they’ll have application for artisans, small businessmen, restaurants and more.