Plenty of rumors about iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 features are leaking out of the island of Taiwan of late. According to the Taiwanese blog, the next-gen iPad Air (2) will feature a 2GB RAM while the iPad mini 3 will retain the 1GB RAM from its predecessor.

Just yesterday we posted about some specs on the iPhone 6. As we get closer to the release dates (Sept 9th: expected launch of iPhone 6), any information about upcoming gadgets is great although, arguably, it destroys the surprise element.

iPad Air 2 Might Get a RAM Upgrade, iPhone 6 Rear Shell Leaked

The top-tier iPhones and iPads right now feature about 1GB RAM. Apple has never officially announced or marketed the RAM in its devices.

The iPad Air boasts of a 1GB RAM that falls short of most top-tier Android tablets. Even then, iOS’s capability in optimal memory management keeps the operating system functioning smoother and faster than most Android competitors.

iPad Air 2 Feature Rumor Possible Upgrade to 2GB RAM for Greater Performance

However, it looks like it’s time for an upgrade here. That is where the rumor plays out well. If the rumors turn out to be true, iPad Air 2 will feature a 2GB RAM. The iPad Air runs pretty fine as it is, and this upgrade will only push it further in terms of core performance.

The iPad Air 2 is up for other major upgrades too. The A8 SoC is almost a given, as Apple upgrades the chips on the tablets every year. Then there’s this rumor about TouchID on the iPad. It’s a highly-anticipated feature which Apple should hopefully bring to fruition.

The iPad mini 3 (or 2nd gen iPad mini with retina display, as some put it) will feature the same RAM capacity as its predecessor, according to the same report. As of now that stands at 1GB.

Both the iPads are slated for release in early October 2014 although there’s no official confirmation of any event scheduled for this time period.

5.5″ iPhone Rear Shell Photo

In another *very much unconfirmed* news, Tanner Marsh of BestTechInfo posted photos of what’s claimed to be a back shell for the 5.5″ iPhone 6. The photos (as shown below) compare the backshell with those of the 4.7″ iPhone 6 for size. Marsh’s post points out that he has sources in the Apple supply chain and that these folks say that there are very few 5.5″ iPhone 6 parts in the loop right now. Not sure how much of that is true but the shell looks quite similar to all the mockups we’ve seen before.