A photo of what appears to be iPad Air 2’s chassis was posted on Sina Weibo, spotted by Nowhereelse.fr. The chassis photo looks very similar to models and mock ups we’ve seen in the past of iPad Air 2, the purported next-gen iPad Air from Apple.

What is evident from the photo is that the iPad Air 2 will follow the style of iPhone 6 in terms of design cues being borrowed from the iPad touch. All that said and done, there are some minor design tweaks that shed some light on how the iPad Air 2 will look.

iPad Air 2 Chassis Photo Suggests Minor Design Changes to the next-gen iPad

To begin with, the chassis does not have a mute/orientation-lock switch like the current gen iPads. In its stead, there is a pinhole whose function is as yet unknown. The pill-shaped volume buttons are in their respective places though.

The speaker grilles at the bottom are now completely redesigned. Instead of two rows of tiny holes right beside the lightning dock, we now have larger holes but only one row split on both sides of the lightning dock.

Next-gen iPad Air 2 Chassis Photo Leaked on Weibo

The chassis also shows a moved microphone near the rear-facing camera.

The iPad Air 2 is expected to hit the shelves in October, which is the usual case with iPads and iPad minis. Not much is know about the internal components that would go on to make the iPad Air 2 but the usual pattern suggests a processor upgrade (A8), possible inclusion of TouchID (after its success with iPhone 5s), and various other minor enhancements in the chips.

The iPad Air 2 will be running iOS 8 (obviously) and from the many features we’ve seen, it should be an amazing experience. With additions like TouchID, the iPad Air experience should be a few steps further and better from what it is now.