Apple Positions 2018 iPad as a Fix for Everyday Problems

The four videos released locally on YouTube highlight iPad 2018 as a solution to all the small issues consumers face in their daily life.

Apple takes immense care in producing products, and it takes an equal amount of attention in crafting communication to sell the products. The 2018 iPad, which is likely to hit the market in September, is positioned as a fix for everyday problems. Apple has released four YouTube videos showcasing the tablet as a solution to your daily challenges.

All the four 15-second ads highlight the portability of Apple’s lower cost 9.7-inch iPad for education and travel.

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2018 iPad Ads

Though many viewers would find the spots exaggerated, they should remember that advertising is all about exaggeration. If you try to find logic in ads, you will be disappointed.

To make their ads more exciting, Apple just shows top-down shots as the camera rolls on different scenes, and finally ends on Apple iPad, giving you the solution. Yes, Apple has played problem-solution trick here – describing problems in the first two-three shots and then the solution in the final shot.



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All the above spots clearly convey the iPad’s versatility. A single iPad can perform multiple tasks – whether you are at home, at an office, planning to travel, etc.

Interestingly, all the four videos are uploaded on Apple’s regional YouTube channels and not on the main US channel.

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Since the iPad 2018 model supports Apple Pencil, advertising gurus claim that Apple is keener to position its tablet as a practical device that can replace laptop or desktop computers.

The music plays a vital role here, and all the four videos have the same music. So when you see the second video, you get the idea that it’s going to be an Apple iPad ad.

Signing off…

Apple seems not to be spending much on this low-cost iPad as the brand may want to spare its marketing budget for iPhones 2018. When you watch the videos, you will come to know there are no faces shown; the top-down shots only show the hands and heads of different people.

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