According to Digitimes, Apple will be looking to launch the 9.7-inch iPad 5 in Q3and then launch iPad Mini 2 later, sometime close to the holiday season. The observation comes in view of how the iPad Mini had impacted iPad’s sales.

Digitimes heavily quotes ‘market watchers’ so it’s apparent that it’s not from supply chain sources or people further in the loop. It’s possibly just from financial analysts: not quite the type of source you’d expect but they’ve been variantly right before.

Apple and the media was always aware of the possible cannibalization of the 9.7-inch iPad when they shipped iPad Mini.

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The rumor mill had always spoken of iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 releases happening simultaneously but that claim was never examined closely. In the new report, however, Digitimes raises an important and plausible scenario. Obviously, there’s a strong chance that Apple would delay iPad Mini 2’s launch because it’s focus might be in bolstering iPad’s sales.

We’ve heard rumors, speculations and seen leaked images of the iPad 5 bearing an iPad Mini-inspired design. The new iPad should be thinner and lighter than iPad 4. A slimmer bezel is going to offer a relatively larger display area but it’s going to be the same 9.7-inch display that Apple has been shipping.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that both the iPad and iPad Mini have done wonderfully well as far as total sales go. However, Digitimes claims this:

As for the second-generation iPad mini, some market watchers believe the delay is because 9.7-inch iPad sales were seriously impacted by iPad mini in 2012, and so to avoid the situation from happening again, Apple has turned its product focus for 2013 to the new 9.7-inch iPad.

A few other market watchers, according to Digitimes, believe that the delay in iPad Mini 2’s launch would be due to manufacturing delays. Of course, there are no confirmations at this point.

Bottom line, this makes sense: to launch the iPad 5 sometime in October and to delay iPad Mini 2’s launch till about the holiday season’s start.