After the iPad refresh right in the middle of a launch cycle, iPad 5 release date rumors are flying all over the web now. What was once thought to be Apple’s conscious decision to make sure all products are of the Lightning family is rapidly turning out to be thought of as a rethinking of the launch cycle time-frames.

Apple has been rumored – ever since the unexpected launch of an updated iPad (4th gen, officially the iPad with Retina Display) – to have changed its product launch cycles to meet the needs of an ever-growing, competitive market.

iPad 5 July August Production Rumors

It was rumored, from no less than a mill than the often-right Macotakara, that iPad 5 release date could very much be March 2013.

Now that we’re well past the date, it looks like (especially from what we’ve been hearing lately) the iPad 5 would be pushed for a fall release. This puts it on an yearly cycle if you count it from the October upgrade of the iPad 4 last year.

 A Half-year Product Cycle

Experts from wide across the world consider that Apple has shifted from the yearly upgrade cycle. Some cite the competition in the tablet market, some cite the user demand (which I think isn’t the case) and some others cite the shift in the working of Apple after Cook took over the company.

 A half-year product cycle isn’t exactly a great thing for Apple because it has been doing great with yearly launch cycles too. A few critics have mentioned that Apple had accelerated the iPad 4 solely because it wanted to get all the products up for the Lightning update.

Tim Cook’s recent comments in the second quarter financial call is a clear indication of Apple’s plans to churn out products later this year. That means we’re looking at post-WWDC and far into September, preferably.

This is in keeping with a Digitimes rumor that said the iPads are going into full-volume production in July/August.

 iPad 5 Features?

Much as the debate and rumor continues to take a toll on the inter-webs, notes on iPad 5 features aren’t any special: other than the rumor that they’ll be thinner and lighter, there’s nothing much. Macotakara notes that the iPad 5 would take design cues from the iPad Mini.

Some reports of leaked iPad 5 casing have pointed to an iPad Mini-inspired design: one where you have a smaller / thinner bezel so that

There’s no indication of the iPad 5 price but we take it that Apple would stick to the costly affair that iPads retail at. Rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt but this one is something we’ve got to keep a tab on.

  • Well, now i know, This, Might…Not, Work…But, i Really Would Like A White…”iPAD 3″.