Device rumors are almost certainly followed by well-crafted mockups that raise the anticipation levels in the industry. This is precisely what happened with the iPad 5 just recently when Martin Utrecht released design mockups of the next version of the iPad: the iPad 5.

The most sterling aspect of this design is that it takes off from the design fundamentals of iPad Mini. Earlier, analyst Ming of KGI pointed out that the iPad 5 would most probably run the same software that runs on iPad Mini to prevent accidental “touch” on the outer edges of the screen as customers hold the mini. If you extrapolate that, it means you're looking at – possibly – an iPad Mini-inspired design for the iPad 5 with shorter bezels.

Martin's design of the iPad 5 is quite a bit different from iPad 4. Obviously, the design is thinner by 2mm, but what's noticeably different is that the overall shape is quite more like the iPad Mini than the usual iPad. With neater, even round edges on both the top and bottom, the design isn't “exciting” in this aspect.

iPad 5 Mockup

The design also appears to assume that the iPad 5 would feature two volume buttons instead of the single-toggle presently used.

Speakers, two of them, are placed adjacent to the lightning dock. A white iPad 5 is also on the books, showing a crystal white backplate – which, I must admit, looks a lot like what Apple should have done, but which it didn't.

Remember way back when a designer purportedly created design mockups of iPhone 5 and then “leaked” them to Engadget – which bought the bait hook, line and sinker? These iPad 5 mockups are pretty much similar and in fact, I feel that Utrecht has overdone the dust and fingerprint parts. Just a little too much.

Check the mockups and tell us what you feel about the next iPad 5 features.

There is a consistent rumor about iPad 5 release date being set for March, in a typical iPad PLC. There aren't very many reports that suggest otherwise although there's definitely some suspicion that Apple might push the March release cycle to sometime later.

Source: 3dexport