According to MacOtakara, the Japanese blog that comes up with occasional rumors about future iDevices, Apple might be looking at an iPad 5 design that includes a rear-mic, just like the iPhone 5. Apple was earlier rumored to have thought about a rear-mic feature for the iPad Mini but that was later dropped.

The new rumor comes in the wake of no particular discussion but MacOtakara just says that one of their sources got them a bunch of information related to iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

We’ll take the iPad 5 first.

1). The iPad 5 might feature a rear-mic. The rear-microphone option was explored with the mini tablet (with early prototypes having them) but the idea was dropped later for unknown reasons. The iPad 5, according to the rumor, will feature a rear-mic.

iPad 5 Rear Mic Rumors

2). The iPad 5 is expected to ship after the iPhone 5S. This is almost a given because while the iPhone 5S is expected to hit the stores in September, the iPad 5 would mostly be an October affair. MacOtakara’s source doesn’t mention when the iPad 5 is expected or how long after the iPhone 5S it would arrive, but the writing seems clear. Much later than iPhone 5S.

The iPad 5 has been long-since rumored to encapsulate a lot of iPad Mini-specific designs. We’ve had panels for iPad 5 leaked that showed a thinner bezel – very much like the iPad Mini. The iPad 5 is set to be about 15% thinner than its processor and lighter by about 25%.

The rumor mill is churning a few more information about iPhone 5S. We told you that the iPhone 5S is expected to come in a variety of colors. The initial number posted for that was about 3 colors. However, it now looks like there might be more. MacOtakara says:

I have 2 information about color variation of cheaper iPhone from several sources. The first set is Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray, and 2nd is White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow-orange.

This is particularly strange and so unlike Apple but we’ve got to keep an eye on things.