Just when you thought this week has been kind of noiseless in terms of iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and other upcoming Apple iDevices, here we are with two apparently interesting leaks.

MacFixit from Australia is out with an iPad 5 digitizer: the front panel screen which confirms a ton of information about iPad 5 features. And Nowwhereelse.fr revealed that the iPhone 5S might have its LED flash component separated from the lens unit.

Both the leaks aren’t quite earth-shattering as we’ve been continuously hearing about iPad 5’s Mini-inspired bezel and subtle changes in iPhone 5S’s internal design. However, as we get closer to the release of either product, the photo leaks are indicative of possibly pilot and mass production currently in full-swing.

iPad 5 Display Panel Photos and iPhone 5S new LED Flash Unit Leaked

The iPad 5’s digitizer (which is up for sale at MacFixit with a $199.99 price-tag), while confirming the iPad Mini-inspired design , also reveals a couple of things. If the website is telling the truth, the new iPad 5 digitizer will be:

iPad 5 Display Panel Photos Leaked

  • The ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) which is same as in iPad Mini.
  • There are 2 connectors instead of one
  • Connectors have been changed to look more like iPhone 5/4S’s rather than the old ones (Flat Flexible Cable to Flexible Printed Circuits)

The iPhone 5S LED flash component however has had a confusing run in the rumor mills. At first, it was pictured as a component going into the budget iPhone (iPhone 5C, if you will). But later on, it appears that the supplier claims it to be a part of iPhone 5S.

Whatever be the case, the independent LED flash component is kind of indicative of – and may be confirming – the pill-shaped design revealed a little earlier.

iPhone 5S new LED Flash Unit Leaked

So when do we expect the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5 to release? The iPhone 5S is expected to be launched in mid-September at the earliest. The rumored release date for iPad 5 has also been rumored to fall in September. Would Apple launch both the iPad and the iPhone at the same time?