Well, here’s the iPad 5 which looks exactly like the iPad Mini, only blown a little larger.

Like how most Apple device stories unfold in the later months, we’ve got some accessory makers who’ve put up cases for next-gen iPad yet to be announced or released officially. The iPad 5 cases – like the iPad Mini cases – look good if not stunning and they’re pretty interesting. Or may be it’s just us.

Truth be told, I side with the TechCrunch story that brought these iPad 5 cases listed on Alibaba to our attention. “

iPad 5 Case Alibaba

The iPad 5 has long been rumored to feature an iPad Mini-inspired design. It makes the device smaller but keeps the screen size intact at 9.7″. The thinner bezels give the iPad 5 a perfect iPad Mini look. It now looks like a bigger brother. The truth big brother of the iPad Mini.

iPad 5 Case from Alibaba iPad 5 Case Design

We’ve been talking a lot about iPad 5’s release too. First, we had March. Then we had April and as the days slip by, the last line of thought was April 25 but I’m betting that even that’s gone now. With no whiff of any Apple event in sight, it now looks more than likely that the iPad 5 would be released late this year. Give us a shout out if you’re counting on September/October.

Now we know that these case makers often take cues from reports and rumors but just occasionally, there’s this chance that they get their information from the supply chain. The usual drill is, no one would be crazy enough to produce these cases en mass without having some or the other clear-cut insider information. But then again, the world is sometimes filled with crazy people who take chances.

Accessories produced for future/rumored iDevices take the center-stage for sometime. This happened with almost all previous iDevices including the recent iPhone 5.

So while there’s no point in talking about the launch here, sit back and enjoy the the flood of iPad 5 rumors.