Reports fromĀ AppleBitch (yeah, you got that right) are pointing to an iPad Mini-inspired iPad 5 yet again. This is the second time in a week and it's all through case designs.

Although there's no word on the iPad 5 from Apple or even the supply chain, it has long been rumored that the iPad 5 will have thinner bezel, and a flatter design imitating the now-popular iPad Mini. And not quite interestingly, a few case manufacturers take the rumors to heart to be the first to design cases for the iPad 5 or any future product in the line.

It's a huge risk, of course, but it has occasionally paid off. But what's interesting is that these may or may not be direct indications of what the iPad 5 would be like. Sure, it boils down to who produces these cases and where they get their information from. Most vendors who jump ship to manufacture these cases often get inspired to do so from NYT or WSJ!

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iPad 5 has been in the news for quite sometime now. Besides the design spec rumored to be inspired from iPad Mini's style, it is expected that the iPad 5 will have a powerful core and of course, the iOS 7 although I'm not sure of the latter.

iPad 5 has been widely speculated to be released in March/April this year. The March window has been a popular one for iPad except when Apple announced the upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4 last year. This time around, the March/April release date fits with another speculation: Apple might be reducing the product launch cycles to a half-yearly affair instead of an annual one. We have our own reservations regarding that but then, it sounds very probably that an iPad 5 would be released before April.

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