7 Challenges that iOS App Developers are Facing with the Latest Trends

Developers make our iPhone or iPad experience awesome. App development task is full of challenges, these are common challenges developers face while developing an iOS App.

With each new version, Apple’s operating system brings new capabilities and challenges for developers. Mainly, its latest version comes with the challenges around functionality. Even, Apple introduced around 4,000 new APIs for developers to take advantage of and execute in an application when developing.

No doubt, application development for every platform can be challenging for developers, as every developed application has unique functionality, technical platforms, design and architectural considerations.

iOS App Development Challenges

iOS App Development Challenges

However, to deliver better user experience, developers have to work hard to conquer iOS app challenges. Let’s see what challenges faced by iPhone developers.

Challenge #1. Beta Users Testing

An excellent way to test an application is to release in the Beta testing. It enables users to check the app’s functionality and recognize any failure conditions, specific to an application.

Challenge #2. iOS Application compatibility.

Different Apple’s products, including iPhone, iPad, etc. are available in the market and it is essential that every developed iOS application is compatible with all the Apple products. It is must to test an application by using TaaS product to identify the issue.

Challenge #3. Limitations in Performance and Memory

Managing performance and memory constraints is another iPhone app development challenge faced by iOS developers. Especially, developers find difficulty to manage memory within an application with iPhones, as the device doesn’t come with garbage collection. One can have a risk of application being terminated, if it becomes a source control.

A superset of the C language, objective C comes with a remarkable memory management model, which is quite easy to adhere to, reduce pain of iPhone application development.

Challenge #4. Poor Network Conditions

The speed you are using might not be the same speed your end users are expecting from you. It is must to pass your iOS application through a test done by the Network Link Conditioner that helps you in stimulating.

Challenge #5. Apps in Sandboxed Environment

Third-party applications integrated into a sandboxed environment on the iPhone. Sandboxing helps developers to prevent the extent of damage that compromising app cause to the iPhone. It develops another set of app development challenges that the app to contact data from outside their defined Sandboxed directory.

Challenge #6. App Store Approval

Ensure to know the Apple App store’s guidelines before you begin with iOS app development task. One must have to read and implement all the listed rules and regulations so that applications get approved in the App Store. It will save you time and help through different investment challenges.

Challenge #7. User Interface

iOS devices are the mostly adopted by people due to its clean design concept and excellent user experience. However, it is a bit challenging task to use the screen space optimally and create an attractive user interface.

The user interface only displays the core features and functionality in an intuitive process flow as developers can have a limited amount of space. It is the biggest challenge to managing the limited amount of screen space with an increase in business expectations from the iOS application.

Closing Thought

Above mentioned challenges is not a comprehensive list that developers may face while building apps for iOS. Here, developers have to show the maturity by handling challenges with minimum investment and compromising the final product.

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