The recently held WWDC 2015 was almost about launch of iOS 9. While every Apple aficionado was happy watching and listening to the event, there was one who could actually read between the lines.

Before the event, rumors were making the rounds that Apple would launch or announce its iPad Pro. But as I mentioned above, one developer had sharp senses to decipher the undertone of the entire event.

iOS 9 Keyboard Indicates iPad Pro Arrival

According to Steve Troughton-Smith, some features hidden inside iOS 9 indicate that the new tablet could hit the market sooner.

The smart Steve has witnessed that his iPad, after downloading iOS 9, was occupied by a keyboard with relatively larger size. When he enlarged a new keyboard, it has an extra row of keys, which indicates that Apple’s larger new tablet could hit the market.

iOS 9 iPad Pro Keyboard

Moreover, the larger keyboard automatically adds a row of symbols at the top in primary view, or switches to numbers in the secondary view. It also shows wider keys, and caps lock and tab keys on the side, making the iPad a much better typing device than before. Another interesting thing Steve could foresee is that gaming will come to Apple TV.

For the last couple of years, Apple fans have received rumours surrounding iPad Pro’s release date, but with the introduction of Splitview and Slideover to iOS 9, the brand seems to have conveyed that its tablet would be transformed into a better productivity device. Apple would also include other iPad Pro features like USB-C, a special stylus, NFC, Force Touch and an A9 processor.

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