iOS 9 Features Expectation: As iOS 9 Beta Reported To Arrive In May, What More Can Be Expected From It?

As iOS 9 beta has been reported to arrive by May, expectations have naturally gone sky high. With every new iOS release, Apple not only enhances its functionality but also takes the operating system to an altogether new high. But, will the next version of iOS be able to stand up to millions of users’ wish-lists in the wake of cut-throat competition?

So, what are the key aspects where you wish Apple to address in its upcoming iOS 9? Though expectations can be endless, there are some wish-lists which assume more significance than others due only to how much impact they have on user experience. Let’s throw some light on some of the key points which can vastly enhance iOS 9, if they are taken into consideration.

iOS 9 Features ExpectationCan iOS 9 Be A Little Lighter?

Those who own 64GB or 128GB iPhones won’t have to bother much about space while updating to new iOS version. But, what about those with 16GB device? Apple would do well to make the iOS 9 a bit lighter unlike iOS 8 which requires around 5 GB of free space.

So many users couldn’t update their device just because they had to free tons of space to update to iOS 8. By not reducing the size of iOS 9, Apple might not just disappoint many users but also cut away from a huge segment of users who prefer to go with 16GB.

More Enhanced Photos App

We still remember Apple had to back-track its decision of scrapping Camera Roll in the wake of users’ outburst. Though the Photos app in iOS 8 has vastly improved, there are still many areas which need to be rectified. There is no option to select or deselect all photos at once. Similarly, there is no option to hide some of your personal photos with more privacy.

Battery Saving Mode

Just a few months back one of my friends tweeted “One day Apple can come up with an iPhone which can cure and even incurable diseases but it will never be able to come up with an iPhone with a better battery life.” Though the newest iPhones (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) have come up with more improved battery life, it still falls short of satisfying users.

Wouldn’t it be nice if iOS 9 came with a battery saving mode? Instead of focusing more on making iPhones slimmer, Apple should try to invent a solution that may let its iPhones or iPads to go for long hours or even days. Of course, people like the dazzling profile of their iPhones which look stunningly slim. But, this is high time to increase battery life too considering fans have been craving for it for a long time.

More Versatile Maps App, Please

Maps app does have gorgeous features such as, 3D flyover tour. However, as compared to Google Maps, Apple’s Maps app lacks user-friendly functionality. It can be boosted to show direction to users and even provide more concrete information about particular areas or places.

Maps app doesn’t show traffic clearly about any place. Despite being such a significant app, it hasn’t been able to charm many users.

Other Miscellaneous Improvements

FaceTime doesn’t have the support of group conferencing unlike Mac OS X’s iChat. It would be really exciting if Apple allowed users to do group conferencing on FaceTime just like Skype. By not enhancing FaceTime group conversation, Apple is giving advantage to competitors.

Family Sharing is one aspect where iOS 9 can be more flexible. It can extend the total number of people with whom a user can share any bought apps or contents with. Currently, Apple allows users to share apps only up to six groups of people.

Hopefully, iOS 9 comes with tons of rich features together with all the above mentioned improvements. Going by the history of how Apple has brought amazing features with every iOS release, we can expect it to do the same this time too. However, whether or not the Cupertino comes with perfect solution to battery life which has been on the hot list for a long time is something only time will tell.