iOS 9 Compatible Devices List: Runs As Smoothly On Older iPhones As On Newer Ones

Apple has unveiled iOS 9 at WWDC 2015. Unsurprisingly, the next version of iOS is going to be more focused on stability and performance enhancements and less on features unlike iOS 8. The one question which must be in the minds of most of the iPhone and iPad users is how far a success iOS 9 will have and whether or not it will be compatible with their devices.

As far as compatibility is concerned, iOS 9 will be able to run on all the devices which are currently compatible with iOS 8.

iOS 9 Compatible Devices

iOS 9 Compatibility List

#1. iPhone 4s

#2. iPhone 5

#3. iPhone 5c

#4. iPhone 5s

#5. iPhone 6

#6. iPhone 6Plus

#7. iPad 2 and higher

#8. iPod Fifth Generation

Unlike its predecessor, iOS 9 will be a lot small merely 1.8GB. If you compare the actual size of iOS 8 which was about 5GB, it’s way too small. A number of users who had older devices like iPhone 4s used to complain that their devices run rather slowly.

The ones who had an iPhone with 16GB had to bother a lot before they could clear a precious 5GB storage on their device. More often than not, the apps would get stuck or just would not run as smoothly as expected on older iPhones.

Fortunately, iOS 9 will be small. The best thing about it is that it will bring the smile to millions of iPhone users who can’t help trying their hands on the latest version of iOS.

Call it a major shot in the arm; the upcoming iOS will come with low power mode. It will extend the battery life of your iPhone by three hours. For long, Apple fans had wanted to have a powerful battery on their device.

The Cupertino-based company has finally taken a significant step towards providing a less power-consuming iOS version.

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