There is a Battery Drain Issue in iOS 9 Beta Version

Update: iOS 9 has been released for public, and people enthusiastically downloaded and installed this version on their iDevices. But sadly, many are facing battery life issue and slow performance of their iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

We have listed solutions on how to improve iOS 9 battery life on iPhone and iPad, and how to fix iOS 9 slow performance. You can check out both information and solve the issues.

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iOS 9 Beta Battery Drain Issue

Battery life issue in the Beta version of iOS 9 had many users experience sleepless nights. But with the second update in iOS 9 Beta, this issue seems to have been addressed by Apple as I can see longer battery life on my iPhone 6.

Last night my iPhone 6 battery showed 68%, and when I got up in the morning around 8, I could see 66% battery – only two percent of battery power drained during the night. Back in the office, I asked my colleague about the battery performance of his iPhone 6 Plus, and he was also excited about this solution of battery life issue in the first cut of iOS 9. Have you downloaded iOS 9 and experienced this improvement? If yes, share your feedback with us.

I downloaded iOS 9 Beta on my Apple iPhone 6. I was quite curious about this updated version as I witnessed the grandeur of WWDC 2015 on June 8th. It goes without saying that if you are blogging about Apple’s products & software as an avid blogger, you would certainly love to explore iOS 9 features announced by the tech giant.

Hence, my excitement for iOS 9 Beta is understandable. One of my colleagues also downloaded this Beta version on his iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously, we were keen to share our experiences of this update.

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Back home, when my battery showed me 70% at around 11 pm, I was quite happy to see that the battery was not running out fast. But when I got up around six in the morning, I was taken aback to see the battery status reduced to 20%. And believe me I didn’t leave the internet running on my phone, nor did I receive any calls, SMS; listening to music overnight was out of a question. This was something shocking for me. Quickly, I put my phone to charge the battery.

When I came to office, I shared this experience with my colleague, who had a similar experience on his iPhone 6 Plus. However, he said that Beta version tends to throw such surprises to iOS users. During the event, however, Apple announced that Low Power Mode would save the battery life in iOS devices.

But at the same time, this mode comes with a sting in the tail in that it reduces performance and networking activity to enhance battery life. When you toggle this on, Mail Fetch, Background App Refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled.

Hence, I was using my iPhone 6 without turning Low Power Mode on; I didn’t have any guesstimate that battery would drain so fast. I hope that Apple would consider this feedback before releasing its iOS 9 for the public because the blogosphere considered strong battery life as one of the highlights of WWDC 2015. Now the community (and common users too) will surely expect that the battery drain issue is addressed by fall 2015.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


  1. I, too, experienced severe battery loss. The home and lock screen are 15% of usage and Facebook is 21% with 4.9 hours background! I have my FB notifications turned off and Background App Refresh off – so I do not know how it is doing that. When using the phone battery usage seems normal. But when in sleep/standby it appears to use just as much battery. I have removed my Facebook app to see if there is any change.

  2. I think we all are in the same boat. I tend to go to sleep with ~20% remaining on my iPhone 6 Plus and wake up with ~13%, now it just drains the 20% remaining. It seems that there is an extra process always running even though the phone is on hold mode.

  3. Same here, severe battery drain since yesterday, after installing IOS 9 (beta 1) on my I Phone 6 plus. For instance a night idle and 18 % minus (before zero to null). And in battery save modus, well no saving here though.

  4. The drain is really bad. First time that I’ve had to charge my 6 plus twice in one day. Watch OS 2 is no better. Actually went dead after 12 hours today vs having 40% after 17 hours normally with my 42mm version.

  5. On my iPhone 6 a full charge last for about 5 hours from 100% to 15%. It’s a very serious problem. I downgraded to iOS 8.4.4

  6. Same here — 10-20% per hour with regular usage. Been late to work twice as it died on the nightstand during the night with no apps open.

  7. Seriously guys, this is to be expected. I’m gonna be ‘that guy’: This is a developmental beta. There, I said it. The public beta isn’t going to be released for another few weeks because everyone and their hipster grandma is going to download it expecting a finished product. From past experiences, I can definitively tell you it won’t be. There’s a reason I keep this stuff on my development devices, not on daily drivers. If you want it to be solved, scrub through your crash and system logs, find something, and send it to apple. Complaining about it won’t solve anything. Sorry again to be ‘that guy’, but someone had to say it. Best of luck bug hunting….

  8. Do a complete RESTORE and install apps one by one instead of restoring from last update and you will find your battery issues will be gone. Right now thats the only solution. Anyways you can try it and see if that works. Works for me. I was in a similar boat as all of you till the complete restore and setting up as a new phone again.

  9. i have the same problems with IOS9 Beta on iphone6 plus
    Also some Apps like Running and Fitness Apps don’t work
    and so on….

  10. Have you all reported it to apple? I have, the more people do the quicker they will pick up on the problem.

  11. Yeah me too i oredy use ios 9 for 2 days and result it worse!!i think its more good and batter in ios 8.4 beta 1,2or 3…

  12. Hi thare yacqin here again…i currently uptodate ios 9 beta 2….dRain battry issue its still same???????????????????? what tha fish!!!!..hope apple fix this!!

  13. I have not even used my iPhone for hardly 40 mins and since then it has been in my pocket resting there with no usage , I started off on 92% now I have 25 percent, so annoying????????

  14. I have a 5S and was experiencing very rapid battery drain on iOS 9 public beta 3 (same as dev beta 5 I believe). Turning off cell assist drastically helped.

      • I think Edge is referring to Wi-Fi Assist setting located at the bottom of the Cellular Settings page.

        My 5S has bad battery life and I am going to try that tip.

        • For me what sort of brought things back to normal was the removal of a DeNA game called Final Fantast Record Keeper followed by a full recharge cycle (drain all the way and charge all the way)

  15. I think Apple did this because there was battery life extention announced for final version of iOS 9 in September 2015. So they are going to destroy battery life in betas and ‘improve’ it in the final version :)

  16. I’m using an iPhone 5s and I’m having extreme battery drain and I have the entire beta, only apps I use are message whatsapp, battery can be on 100 and 10 min later on 80% or even 70%, have to carry a power bank around to cope????

    • I have a 5s as well and since upgrading to the latest beta I’m having abysmal battery life results. You’re not the only one. I hope it’ll get fixed soon.

  17. My iPhone 5s’s battery drains super fast ever since I have installed iOS 9. How can I downgrade to 8.4.1 ?

    • To be honest downgrading is worse … the latest release for the iPhone 5s of 8.4.x is buggier than a beta OS.. I have a random restart every 10 mins on a fresh install and no apps installed. Blue screen crashes and the battery is as bad.. I’d ride out beta 3 ios9 if you want a phone that can at least make a call.

      Apple seems to be making a real mess of testing just now.

      • Umm, I think you might have a problem with your phone because 8.4.1 is solid as a rock on my 5s. No crashes ever. No reboots. Nothing.

  18. Obvious that they didnt address this issue in beta and now its out in the wild….. Should have stayed with iOS 8.4 The drain on my iPhone 6+ battery is amazing.

  19. I just installed 9.0.1 and my iPhone 5 drained from near full to near zero overnight. Battery usage showed that 65% of this was used by “Home and Lockscreen”. How could that be?

  20. It is rediculous – I have closed everything Dow and my battery life is about three hours. And the phone keeps saying memory full. This only happened after the os9 upgrade!


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