For your selfie-craze, Apple has strengthened its Photos app by adding two iOS 9 features. Now you can store your selfies and screenshots in separate folder.

Until now, all your screenshots and selfies were jumbled together in Camera Roll; not any more as the latest update brings in facility of storing your selfies and screenshots in separate folders.

iOS 9 Beta 3 Saves Selfies, Screenshots into Separate Folder

iOS 9 Beta 3 Saves Selfies, Screenshots into Separate Folders

Many iPhone users have been using Screeny – an app that helps save space consumed by screenshots. The app, which was a paid app, is now free. But with the latest iOS 9 beta update, you don’t need to rely on this app as you can store your screenshots and selfies in separate folders.

Now Photos app in iOS 9 identifies photos clicked with iPhone’s front-facing camera, and automatically saves into a folder “Selfies”; similarly, the latest iOS 9 beta stores screenshots into another self-named folder.

The “Selfie” folder functions like a Smart Folder on Mac by compiling all pics captured with an iOS device’s front camera. On how iOS identifies the face of a user, experts opine that the iOS doesn’t need any computer vision algorithms to detect faces, especially the face of an iPhone user, for the feature; this indicates that the folder’s trigger is hardware-based.

For screenshots, iOS 9 beta identifies images taken by pressing power and home buttons on the device, and the iOS saves such images are automatically stored into self-named Screenshots folder.

With these two new features, users no longer need to waste their time after finding their choice of images to share with their loved ones.

Please note that Apple hasn’t made any decisive statement if the two features will be included in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are likely to be shipped from fall this year.

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