New Features in iOS 9.3: Education, 3D Touch and Night Shift are Star Attractions

Here comes another update from Apple - iOS 9.3 beta. Developers are real lucky folks to experience amazing new features added to their devices. For common users, they have to wait a little.

Apple continues its legacy of giving surprise to users and developers as well. Yes, your guess is right. iOS 9.3 beta is here for developers. And this version is packed with awesome features for all – whether the users are students or professionals.

This new update is only for developers, and therefore, common users will have to wait until some time to experience awesome features. Among the many features, three are making headlines: improved 3D Touch, Night Shift, and Smart Education. However, other updates also need some mention.

iOS 9.3 Features

Since we believe in sharing good stuff through this platform, we will take education first.

Education Revolutionized

Apple has introduced a new Classroom app for educational institutes using high-tech devices to interact with students. With this app teachers can always guide their students throughout learning sessions; they can keep an eye on the progress of students and keep them focused on their educational projects.

For the benefits of students, they can use an iPad in any classroom with their own unique ID; with this feature, students don’t have to carry iPads from one room to another. This will help students pick up their projects where they left.

Night Shift

This is real magic for users, who tend to read content on their iPad and iPhone. The feature immediately changes colors on the screen when the sun goes down.

This will not keep you awake till late at night. In several scientific studies, it is proved that if eyes are exposed to blue light for a long time, it keeps users awake even after they are lying in bed.

With the help of clock and geolocation, iOS will decide the sunset time and will automatically make the color temperature warmer on display. This will save users from getting distracted by the blues at night.

3D Touch

3D Touch was one of the most talked-about features when it was first launched. Now the same feature is made more robust by including other apps in the ambit of 3D Touch.

The pop-up shortcuts on the screen are now available for apps like Compass, Health, iTunes Store, and Weather. This was long overdue from Apple as users were asking for shortcuts for other apps.

Note that 3D Touch feature was working with App Store, but in the latest update, Apple has introduced two new features to the already existing two shortcuts. Redeem and Search were available on App Store, and now Update All and Purchased added to the list. A small message to developers: guys, you need to work hard on 3D Touch related apps.

Among other important updates are password protection for individual Notes, multiple Apple Watches connections with a single iPhone, the personalized recommendation in News app, more information in Health app and For You recommendations from Apple Music in CarPlay.

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