iOS 8 Siri Features: What’s New in Siri for iOS 8

Over time, Siri has become a very effective and useful tool for Apple (iOS) users. With the new technologies and improvements in iOS 8, Siri has also been enhanced quite a bit.

It has a new set of tricks, easy access and quick response to help the users. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest new features in Siri for iOS 8.

Range of New SIRI Features in iOS 8

Hey Siri

Siri, as an interactive tool on iDevices can now be activated with a voice command when the device is plugged to the power source. That means you can now ask Siri questions by starting with “Hey Siri” – no more tapping the home button or even holding the iPhone/iPad when you interact with your device. This becomes helpful when you are driving.

Song Recognition

Also, Siri now also comes with the song ID feature where you can identify tracks/songs without opening the Shazam app. This feature works when you ask Siri “what is this song?” and play a part of the song to it. Siri then listens to the song and tells you what song it is. There’s also a handy link to buy that song on iTunes. The only drawback is that Siri won’t be able to tag and add that song to your Shazam memory/library.

Buying iTunes content

Siri in iOS 8 also comes with a feature of buying the iTunes content without the need of iTunes app. This helps in buying the stuff quickly as you don’t need to go to the app and search what you want to buy.

Post it

Siri in iOS 8 also enables you to directly post anything on Facebook or Twitter where you can just command Siri to “Post to Facebook” or “Post to Twitter” without actually going to the Facebook or Twitter app. Siri then provides you with a preview of what is getting posted and thereby makes it quick and easy.

Turning on /off

The updated Siri can now turn on/off more settings options. These settings include Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and even Do Not Disturb. This means no more having to rely on touch to disable/enable/tweak settings on your iPhone/iPad.

Number Game – Maths Problems

In case you need to calculate something sitting somewhere and you don’t have the calculator around, Siri can do those calculations for you, just on your voice command. It can also solve complicated math problems, including fractions and decimals.

Checking the number of days between set dates

Siri can now also help you count the number of days between two dates for you to have it handy while fixing a meeting or planning a holiday. You can simply ask Siri, “How many days between 4th Aug and 15th Aug?” and Siri will respond back with the result.

Time, in Another City

In case you want to know the time in another city, you can simply command Siri to let you know the time instead of resorting to the Clock app (or any other clock-related app). For example: “What is the time in Mumbai right now?”

Visual Cue of What Siri Hears

Previously, you had to wait while Siri processed your voice/command only to realize that she has mis-heard you. There’s a small change now. Siri will show you (onscreen) what she has heard while she processes the information. This way, you can quickly stop Siri if the on-screen visual cue doesn’t match with what you had said. You can even tap on the line to edit the command manually.

In addition to these, Siri can also help the user with the following new features:

  • Searching any recent tweets on twitter (and particularly from a @handle) without opening the Twitter app
  • Finding out movie details, i.e. name, place and the timings playing near your location

Siri has grown into a proper personal assistant in its journey from launch (iPhone 4s) to iOS 8.