iOS 8 Beta 5 Features

Apple seeded iOS 8 beta 5 (and OS X 10.10 beta 5) to developers. There are quite a bunch of changes to iOS 8 with some quick toggles added to a few important features.

We’ve been covering the changes in iOS 8 beta 2, beta 3 and beta 4, so you might want to catch up on those if you haven’t already. And for those who’re ready to dive right in, here are some of the most important changes in iOS 8 beta 5:

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iOS 8 Beta 5 Features

iOS 8 Beta 5 Features

#1. SMS Relay

SMS Relay iOS 8 Beta 5 Feature
When your iPhone/iPad detects a Mac nearby, it will automatically show a popup to enable “SMS Relay” – a feature that lets you send SMSes from your Mac (through your iPhone/iPad) without having to use the iOS device. This is part of the Continuity feature (make calls, send SMS etc from the Mac).

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#2. Toggle for Photo Storage

iCloud Photo Library iOS 8 Beta 5 Feature

iOS 8’s latest feature, iCloud Photo Library, lets you keep iPhone-optimized photos on your device and save full-res versions on your iCloud Photo library. This way, your iPhone saves space. But if you don’t want this (that is, you want full-res images stored on your iPhone), you can now toggle this.

Under iCloud → Photos, you can select Optimize iPhone Storage or Download and Keep Originals as per your requirement.

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#3. Photos Last Synced

In the Photos app, tapping on photos shows when all the photos were last synced. This comes in handy to know if it’s time to sync so that your photos are all safe, backed up and in sync with your computer.

#4. Predictive Typing / QuickType Toggle In Keyboard

Predictive Typing QuickType Toggle In Keyboard in iOS 8 Beta 5

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We wrote some stuff about turning off QuickType/Predictive Typing in iOS 8. Interestingly, iOS 8 beta 5 brings a neat toggle embedded in the keypad that lets you turn off QuickType easily.

Tap and hold the globe icon and you get a list of languages to switch. Right on top is the Predictive toggle. Switching this on/off will turn on/off QuickType right away.

#5. Export Health Data + Spirometry

Export Health iOS 8 Beta 5 Feature

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In the Health app, you can now export all your health data. We’ve not been able to test this yet so I’m not sure how it gets exported (format, where? etc.)

Also, iOS 8 beta 5 adds Spirometry to the Health metrics. Spirometry measures things like breathing (pulmonary function).

#6. Other Changes

A few other changes include:

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  • Changes in iCloud icons
  • If you’re on T-Mobile Wi-fi, the carrier name changes to “T-Mobile Wi-Fi”

Let us know if there are other cool changes that we missed.


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