iOS 8 Beta 3 Features: What’s New? iCloud Drive, Wifi Calling, Handoff Toggles and More

Apple seeded iOS 8 beta 3 to developers and there are some very important additions/changes to the firmware. Most notably, there’s iCloud Drive, toggles for Handoff, Wi-fi calling and more.

Here’s a list of some of the most important changes that iOS 8 beta 3 brings to the table

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iOS 8 Beta 3 Features

iOS 8 Beta 3 Features

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive Feature of iOS 8 Beta 3

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iCloud Drive was debuted at the WWDC and it ushers in a file/folder-management interface for your iCloud data. Think of it more like Dropbox so that you can now actually interact with files and folders in your iCloud account. But we didn’t see any toggle or setup feature for iCloud Drive in the first two betas.

iOS 8 beta 3 now brings iCloud Drive to the front. First, when you setup your iPhone after upgrading, you will be asked to setup iCloud Drive (optional step). Secondly, you can toggle iCloud Drive on/off from Settings → iCloud.

You can switch on/off on a per-app basis too. So you can have a complete control over what apps store data on iCloud Drive. Also, there’s a new slightly-obscure feature called Look Me Up by Email which lets other users find you in apps through your Apple ID. How exactly this works is to be seen.

Handoff Toggle

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You could turn on/off Handoff on Mac but this toggle was missing in iOS so far. In iOS 8 beta 3, Handoff gets a toggle so you can turn it off when you don’t want that feature to work.

Handoff can be toggled from Settings → General → Enable Handoff (switch.)

Enable Handoff in iOS 8 Beta 3

QuickType Toggle

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Just like Handoff, QuickType can also be toggled. QuickType works like word-suggestions and borrows heavily from Android and pre-Android counterparts. The word suggestions are supposedly smarter. Anyway, if you want to turn it off, here’s the toggle finally.

To turn on/off QuickType, all you do is go to Settings → General → Keyboard → QuickType (switch.)

Wi-fi Calling

Wi-fi calling is hailed as a very important feature. With carrier support, it can be a huge plus for users who routinely go into low-network-coverage zones. In iOS 8 beta 3, you can now turn on Wi-fi calling and if you’re on the T-Mobile network, you can start making use of Wi-fi calling from wherever you are.

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Keep Audio/Video Messages (Turning off Auto-delete)

Keep Audio Video Messages in iOS 8 Beta 3

One of the coolest additions in iOS 8 is the media-sharing feature of the Messages app. In this, you can send instant audio messages or quickly send photos/videos. With the instant audio/video messages, Apple designed the system in such a way that these messages will get auto-deleted after a time. Prior to beta 3, you couldn’t turn the auto-delete feature. To save, you had to manually save the file.

In iOS 8 beta 3, there’s a toggle to prevent auto-delete. That’s at Settings → Messages → Automatically Keep (switch under Audio and Video Messages section).

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Health Apps Counts No. of Steps + Distance

The Health app in iOS 8 beta 3 now puts to use the M7 co-processor on your iPhone. Health app will now track the number of steps you take each day along with the distance traveled.

App Analytics


When you install an app, there’s a new screen that asks if you wish to send app analytics to the developer. This information is useful because it sends data about crashes, lags, usage stats etc. (of course, privacy is a high-priority). You can choose not to share, too.

Notification Center UI Tweak

Among the UI tweaks, the “Close” text you see when you swipe a notification center message is replaced with a neatly designed ‘x’.

Recently Deleted UI Tweak

Another tiny UI tweak is in the Recently Deleted albums of the Photos app. Previously, you only had photos inside the Recently Deleted album with no metadata (information like date). In iOS 3 beta 2, the photos within Recently Deleted now show the number of days in which they’ll be deleted permanently. Photos inside this album will usually be deleted permanently after 30 days.

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