iOS 8.3 Features: A Quick Look At The Updated Version

After months of beta testing iOS 8.3 has finally been released with plenty of enhancements and new features. It’s a big update that primarily focuses on fixing many bugs and improving the iOS 8 functionalities by adding user-friendly features. As an iPhone and iPad user, you would like to check out the newly added features which have come up with iOS 8.3 update.

Look forward to having a glance at the iOS 8.3 features? From letting you bring a nice twist to your messaging through attractive Emojis to empowering Siri to do better job, iOS 8.3 update promises to be as impressive as you’d like. Let’s have a detailed look!

iOS 8.3 FeaturesiOS 8.3 Features at Glance

New Emojis And Emoji Picker
iOS 8.3 has brought plenty of gorgeous looking new Emojis. Emoji skin tone modifiers let you change the looks of Emoji people. New Emojis present different options such as, same sex couple, expanded family. Several new flags have joined the bandwagon to spice up your messaging time.

Apple has updated many Emojis and given them all new looks. Watch spots a striking similarity with Apple Watch, the phone appears to be the perfect clone of iPhone 6 and computer has the look of Mac.

If you enjoy messaging using Emojis, you would thoroughly like this add on called Emoji Picker. It perfectly classifies Emojis into categories in a very convenient scrollable list to let you pick your favorite ones quickly.

Wireless CarPlay
iOS 8.3 allows you to connect your iPhone with CarPlay wirelessly. You will find the CarPlay setting from the General section of Settings app on your iPhone. Unlike earlier, you no longer need to use Lightning port to connect your iPhone to CarPlay.

iCloud Photo Library
iCloud Photo Library has finally arrived with the iOS 8.3. After months of beta testing, this long awaited feature has eventually seen the light of the day.

Support For Google Two-Step Verification
Apple has added the support for Google two-step verification while logging into or adding Google accounts on your iPhone or iPad. As a result, you wouldn’t need to add app specific passwords in some cases.

Apple Pay Support For China UnionPay Network
iOS 8.3 update has brought the Apple Pay support for China UnionPay Network as expected. So, expect Apple Pay to be available in china very soon.

Bold/Italics/Underline Key For Formating Text On iPhone 6 Plus
iOS 8.3 has added Bold,Italics and Underline keys in order to let you format text conveniently on iPhone 6 Plus. Earlier there was only bolding option.

Siri Has Got The Support Of More Languages
Siri has been updated to have the support of many languages such as, Danish, Duch, English (New Zealand) English (India) , Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Swedish etc.

Filter Option In iMessage
Now you can filter iMessages. iOS 8.3 allows you to separate the iMessages of your friends from others who are not in your contact list. The messages from people who aren’t in your contact list will be listed under “Unknown Senders.”

Small Changes To Passbook
Some minor changes have been made with Passbook as well. Two sections have been made-Apple Pay and Passes— to let you manage your cards easily. Whereas Apple Pay has been made to keep Apple Pay credit or debit cards separately, Passes is there for other cards.

Photos App
Many a time, you would like to check out easily which types of photos are inside any album. iOS 8.3 seems to have perfectly solved this. Albums show an icon overlay which provides you the sneak peek of the inside photos.

Update To The Space bar
Space bar has been stretched a bit so that users don’t have any inconvenience while typing. Many a time iPhone users hit period key instead of space bar in Safari while searching anything and hence don’t find the small size of space bar good enough. So, the long size of space bar should solve this inconvenience.

Download Free Apps Without Entering Passwords
iOS 8.3 provides you option to let you download free apps without having to enter passwords. This update should make many iPhone users happy as not too many people like to enter passwords while downloading apps.

Wi-Fi Calling
Wi-Fi calling feature has been added in iOS 8.3. Now, Sprint subscribers in USA and EE subscribers in USA can get advantage of this feature as well. Earlier Wi-Fi calling was limited to only on T-Mobile.

Quick Reply Displays Images
Quick Reply has been enhanced to display images attached with iMessage. The best part of this update is that image will be displayed and you will be able to reply to a message from Notification Center even when message previews is disabled from Settings app unlike before.