All You Need To Know About iOS 7 Traffic Feature [Notification Center]


You’ve probably seen the new traffic feature in iOS 7’s notification center. If yes, there’s nothing much to speak about other than a few little details. But if you’re yet to see traffic information in the notification center of your iPhone, here’s to you.

The new traffic information is designed to compete with Google Now. It isn’t vastly different from other personal assistants that support navigation (or in other words, smart navigation apps) but the way it has been implemented leaves a lot of doubt. We’ll try to fix them here.

First off, this is a feature that gets smarter through use. For the traffic information to actually pick up information, you have to turn on the location services, the frequent locations and also, most importantly, move about. Home, office, etc. The iPhone picks up all these data, collates them and starts providing traffic information based on where you are, the route you usually take and the traffic data at that point of time.

It’s an interesting piece of technology, no doubt.

How to enable traffic information in iOS 7 notification center:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Now tap on Location Services
  • You should see System Services. Tap this.
  • Now tap on Frequent Locations
  • Toggle the switch to ON

iOS 7 Frequent Locations

If the switch is ON for a few days and you have been moving about with your iPhone, Frequent Locations will show you a list of places where you have been, recently (or frequently). This is the data your iPhone uses to push traffic information to you. It’s not clear if the information goes to Apple servers but Apple says that this information will not be sent anywhere (including Apple servers) without your permission.

What if the Traffic Information doesn’t show up in the Notification Center?
It takes some time for your iPhone to accumulate and process the data. If you have Frequent Locations turned off, traffic information will not show up in the notification center. Even when you it turned ON, it will take sometime – and some consistent travel pattern – before the information begins to show up.