iOS 7 Lockscreen Forecast is an upcoming minimalist lockscreen theme built on Cydget. It comes from the same folks who developed iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather and is a clearly minimal, clean-looking lockscreen theme for your iPhone.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather did have a mini forecast too. So if you think of why someone would build another Cydget theme to show the weather forecast, look at the screens and you'll know. This one's far more minimal.

There are as yet not many methods of tweaking your iPhone's lockscreen in one-go. You have to rely either on individual themes (talk about compatibility issues) or use tweaks like Cydget (or the recently launched IntelliScreen 7). With Cydget, you need add-ons to get the ball rolling.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather Forecast Theme

The default lockscreen in iOS 7 shows you the time and date. And of course, the lockscreen notifications. Although minimal of its own accord, wouldn't it be good if you could glance at the weather forecast for a few days right from the lockscreen?

I'm not very excited about that prospect because where I live, weather isn't a rapidly and vastly changing phenomena. But obviously, that isn't the case everywhere. For instance, if you've got snow coming in, you want to be alerted about it. And weather forecast on your iPhone is a cool way.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Forecast's advantage over iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather is that it's more minimal and leaves a lot of empty space – which offers a cooler look than you can imagine.

The good thing about iOS 7 Lockscreen Forecast is that it's customizable right from within Settings. Most Cydget widgets/add-ons are not built that way. iOS 7 Lockscreen Forecast lets you customize a few things.

This includes:

  • The time format (12/24 hour)
  • Hide the status bar (even more minimalism!)
  • Four day forecast
  • Show or hide the loading message
  • Control the color scheme based on one hex code that you give
  • Control the timeout of lockscreen dim animation

iOS 7 Lockscreen Forecast should be out soon on Cydia.