Amidst accusations of trolling and false alarms, it looks like iOS 7 jailbreak from the evad3rs will be delayed. iDesignTimes reports that @pod2g dismissed the accusations of stolen jailbreaks as mere rumors but did indicate that the jailbreak was progressing slowly.

The report claims that – at its earliest – the iOS 7 jailbreak should be out by the end of this year and at its latest, by February 2014. With Apple releasing iOS 7.1beta2, we’re expecting iOS 7.1 to be out soon.

There hasn’t been much happening in the iOS 7 jailbreak scene that could be reported. The Evad3rs team, obviously, has been working to make sure the exploits are still functioning. However, with the recent release of iOS 7.1 (beta2), rumors have been flying high after @i0n1c tweeted that the exploits have been stolen and “sold” to some buyer.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Status Update

Exactly how this is possible and beneficial to the buyer is not clear but @pod2g has denied the claims.

The last jailbreak we saw was that from RageBreak – with moderate success. It could jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 and it is safe to assume that the exploits have been plugged or will be plugged as Apple gears to release iOS 7.1 to the public.

The expiry on iOS 7.1’s developer beta (#1) is slated for January and with the beta2 out already, we’re expecting that the public release of iOS 7.1 will be in January 2014 (or earlier). Cammy (of iDesignTimes) speculates widely that Feb 2014 should be latest by which time the jailbreak for iOS 7.x should be released. I think it’s safe to assume that iOS 7.1 will be out before the team decides to release the jailbreak into the open.

Unlike in iOS 6, the enthusiasm for jailbreak is waning. iOS 7 incorporates a lot of features that was only possible through JB tweaks in iOS 6.

Although @pod2g seems to have denied the “stolen jailbreak” rumor confidently, it casts a shadow of doubt on questions like would the public jailbreak be released at all?