The Evad3rs team are hard at work trying to bring all pieces together for a final iOS 7 jailbreak. Although we won’t get to see a jailbreak anytime soon, this is a huge positive step forwards.

Planetbeing – one of the Evad3rs – tweeted that the team “might have all pieces at this point (but not certain yet).”


iOS 7 Jailbreak Status Update

Some weeks ago, @planetbeing had tweeted about gathering initial pieces for the jailbreak exploit. Fortunately, we had MuscleNerd say that the update to iOS (7.0.2) was safe for jailbreak. Another update, the iOS 7.0.3, is about to come and we hope that no exploits are touched by Apple as yet.

At the moment, we’re looking at userland/software exploits which will jailbreak most iPhones – except probably the iPhone 5s which runs a new processor. Every time a new processor comes up, things change and the jailbreak devs have to work overtime to figure out an exploit for it.

It’s interesting to note that the time lapse between an iOS upgrade and a jailbreak is getting shorter. While it’s a good sign for jailbreak enthusiasts, it does not go down well with Apple. Obviously, there’s always a suspicion that with a final jailbreak releasing for iOS 7, Apple might immediately push an update that fixes the jailbreak.

There are no concrete dates for iOS 7 jailbreak release but it looks like this time too, it will be the Evad3rs who’ll bring forth the final jailbreak for iOS 7. At last count, the Evas1on tool was insanely successful that on the day of its launch, over seven million people downloaded and jailbroke their iPhones/iPads/iPods.

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