Ryan Pterich posted a screenshot of what looks like iOS 7 with Activator icon and the jailbreak enthusiasts are now excited. That’s us too.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Status

Most recently, Ryan of Activator, BrowserChooser & many other jailbreak tweaks fame posted a screenshot showing Activator running on iOS 7 beta firmware. As you know, Activator runs only on jailbroken iPhones (that, or Ryan found a way to crack into iOS 7 to run Activator alone which more or less translates into jailbreaking).

iOS 7 Activator

The last jailbreak, Evasi0n – worked till iOS 6.1.2 after which Apple fixed the exploit that Evasi0n used. So, an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.3 couldn’t be jailbroken and it stays so till now.

However, developers behind Evasi0n jailbreak (notably @pod2g) have said that there are several more exploits in iOS that they’re saving for later.

With Ryan’s screenshot announcement, it looks like iOS 7 has been jailbroken. p0sixninja (Joshua Hill), who has been speaking of the #openjailbreak (Open Jailbreak) for long has finally tweeted something that looks like the last call before launching the thing. Basically, according to Joe of iFans, the Open Jailbreak thing looks to be a central repo for all of p0sixnina’s code that has played a major role in several jailbreak exploits.  But he also notes that there’s something more like a bootrom exploit in store.

A bootrom exploit is not dependent on iOS versions. It attacks the device so whatever iOS the device runs, it can usually be jailbroken. But the last-known bootrom exploit (from limera1n hack) was for iPhone 3GS/4.

The bottom line is this: even if the iOS 7 is right now jailbroken, don’t expect an iOS 7 jailbreak release till iOS 7 is formally out for the public. Even then, we might have to wait a few days (possibly because Apple can patch an exploit quickly).