Major design overhaul was just one of the top things that was in store for iOS 7. As iOS 7 got unveiled, we got to look at some really stunning changes – sort of a revolution within the platform  in the entire ecosystem.

Remember the slogan that Apple once used? “This Changes Everything.” Well, with iOS 7, it really looks like it.

Here's a sneak preview of all the iOS 7 features that were shown at the WWDC 2013.

iOS 7 Features List


To say that the whole thing is a massive design overhaul would be stating not just the obvious but also an understatement.

  • Every app has been redesigned to meet the new flatter, friendlier, more minimalist and reductionist design principle of iOS 7.
  • The fonts are now thinner – a version of Helvetica obviously.
  • Icons have been totally redesigned for every stock app.
  • 3D: if you tilt your iPhone, the gyros activate a tilt in the background to cause a perspective change. Kind of a 3D effect that will be very pronounced.

The Control Center: What We've Been Waiting For

We've all been waiting for those SBSettings-like features right? Well, here it is. An all-new control panel pops up when you slide-up on the homescreen. The Control Center has:

  • Settings toggles (Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, DND etc.)
  • Brightness slider.
  • Music playback controls and volume slider
  • Frequently-used apps

Notification Center from The Lockscreen

You can access the Notification Center from the Lockscreen now. This means shorter time to get to older notifications from other apps and you can also check the Weather faster. Other than that, this isn't a huge step forward.

It would have been better if iOS 7 imbibed the notification actions of OS X Mavericks. I guess tough luck this time.

Every Stock App Redesigned

Early last evening, 9To5Mac put up some icon designs that were designed from a vague leak of iOS 7 running on an iPhone 5. The new icons that we got to see at WWDC 2013 are obviously similar. The whole package of stock icons has been redesigned from the scratch and everyone of them is flat.

The Weather app loses the static temperature readout. And the date too. The whole app has been redesigned from the ground -up to have some cool animated backgrounds.

Camera Has Some Cool Things To Show-Off

Perhaps one of the best things about iOS 7 is the camera. Like most other apps (Messages, Calendars etc.) it has been completely redone. And with it comes easier and friendlier way of shifting between four modes:

  • Video, Photo, Square and Panorama

The Square mode is for Instagram-like photos with filters.

Animated Stuff Like Android

Animated backgrounds and animated weather: quite a bunch of Android-like stuff gets into iOS 7. Well, it's not the first time Apple has taken cues from Android's design.

Airdrop But Not For Pre-iPhone 5 Devices

As rumored, AirDrop comes to iOS: you can now share files between devices wirelessly. This should crop up as an option within the share action in the apps. AirDrop is only compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 4th, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th gen.

Totally Redesigned, Reimagined Mobile Safari

A key area where functionality and design have been totally redesigned to create a new experience is Mobile Safari. In iOS 7, you get to see a totally new Mobile Safari. The whole web-browsing web experience has been totally redefined.

Features for Mobile Safari include:

  • A full-screen interface
  • New tab design that imitates a Rolodex sliding animation
  • No limits on number of tabs
  • Easy private mode
  • Unified navigation for bookmarks and reading lists so it's easier to shift between them

Facetime Audio, iCloud Photo Sharing With Video

iCloud Photo Sharing now comes with video support too so you can upload video to your iCloud Photo Stream. More collaboration has been hinted too which means you can create photo streams where others can upload. Also, there was a mention about Facetime Audio feature which should be something like a voice call (VoIP) feature for iOS devices. The Verge says it's Wifi only.

The All-New SIRI

Siri has a makeover too. There are new voices (both male and female) and there are also other International voices. But what's important is this: Siri can now control settings for you. Takes commands to change the brightness, control toggles for data etc. Siri can also search Bing.

Auto App Updates: One Big Problem Solved

iOS 7 finally brings auto-app updates. No more having to load up App Store, go to Updates and update all the apps. Auto App Updates will update the apps in the background. Hopefully, there will be a setting to enable or disable this feature.

The Other Nitty-Gritty

  • No reloading of apps.
  • Slide-action for mail and messages loads more options like delete, archive, move etc.
  • Heavily redesigned keypad. Dialer too.
  • New Activation lock in Find My iPhone means a thief won't be able to use your iPhone (active it as new) after he has wiped your data. Basically, protection against someone re-activating your iPhone as new device.
  • There is Notification Sync.

iOS 7 Release Date

While the beta is now available for developers, the final version of iOS 7 will be released by fall. That puts it close to the launch date of iPhone 5S.

  • Sumit

    I want following features.

    1. I want to Google map as default app for Maps.

    2. A battery saving button on notification bar. which will close all battery consuming services like

    bluetooth, wifi, data on cellular, 3G, hotspot (user may select which services to stop)

    3. I want to delete few apple applications like Newsstand, stock, Maps, Passbook, iTunes

    4. In built browser in Mail app.

    5. RSS reader

    6. Option to select Siri server… so developers across the globe can create their own regional servers to speak in regional language

    7. Better design for Music app

  • Christian Auldridge

    You can group i message buddy.

    • Muspelheim

      Na, you can’t really. You can send a message to multiple recipients, but thats it.