We’ve barely scratched the surface of iOS 7. There are tons of new changes, features, additions, removals and stuff that we’ll keep discovering over the course of next few weeks.

iOS 7 cannot be called the best mobile operating system ever but it sure adds some amazing features that were missing in all previous iOS versions.

On the day of the Keynote, we wrote about iOS 7 features that were announced. Now that the beta is out, we’re discovering some new and awesome little features – the tidbits – that make the iOS 7 work pretty good.

iOS 7 Features List

Here’s a list of some of the little details that add to iOS 7 features:

Newsstand In Folders
Not only does the new Newsstand icon remain static no matter how many subscriptions you add to it, the icon can now be moved into a folder. So if you don’t use Newsstand, you can simply move it around and throw it into a folder. Obviously, this is one important feature grabbed from NoNewsIsGoodNews tweak.

Landscape Mode Multitask Switcher/Control Center
The multitasking switcher and the control center both work in landscape mode. Unlike the Notification Center which has a portrait-orientation only, the Control Center and the Multitasking switcher are both compatible with landscape orientation. Although, the screen shots in the multitasking switcher will still give sideways portrait look for apps that can only work in portrait.

Close Multiple Apps at the Same Time
You can’t kill all background apps at once. But you can use multi-finger gestures to swipe and close multiple apps at once. This means you can close at best three apps at once. Not as powerful as killing app background apps but still, good enough. Also note that background apps are now smarter in their CPU and battery usage.

Spotlight Is Still Available
Interestingly, Spotlight is gone from the usual place. I don’t know why the developers removed Spotlight from here but thankfully, you can access Spotlight from a simple swipe gesture on the homescreen. Swipe down on the homescreen and you get Spotlight. Make sure you don’t swipe from the absolute top.

Track Cellular Data On a Per-app Basis
For those wishing to track where the data is consumed, per-app data tracking will be a boon. This can be accessed from Settings → Cellular. You can also disable data for individual apps too so that the large data consumers can be made to run on a Wi-fi-only mode.

Mark All As Read in Mail app
Finally, you can mark all mail as read in the default Mail app.

Maps: Day/Night Mode
Based on the time and ambient light sensors, maps (in the navigation mode) can automatically turn the mode to day/night. This, I guess, is a smart feature to be implemented. Particularly useful because automatic light-sensors have already been built into the iPhone but have been used only for the brightness setting.

Siri Launches Other Maps too
This is where it gets most awesome. Now that you can launch apps from within Siri, it will ask you which app to open when you ask for Maps! I guess this is a marked case where Apple has got down from its stubborn stance of only allowing native apps.