Cydia Roundup for this week has some interesting – and enormously powerful – tweaks on the list. We’re looking at Auki, Auxo 2 (which brings the powerful switcher to iPad) and at a couple of Lockscreen tweaks that could prove to be useful.

Be sure to check out our Cydia tweaks section to find interesting little tweaks that enhance the overall UI and UX of iOS 7. And dive right in here for the roundup this week.

Best Quick Reply Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7


Auki iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Auki has been lauded as the best quick-reply tweak to come out of the jailbreak community so far. And it stands up to that name. Think of quick reply or quick compose and there are very few actions that you can put into it: you can either quickly reply to a message notification or quickly compose a new message.

But it’s the way Auki is implemented that gets all the praise. You can assign activator gestures to trigger the quick compose feature. The tweak is aware of your contacts being on iMessage or just SMS so it auto-detects how your message goes.

The quick reply is also designed to be minimal in terms of interface but featured-enough to let you attach media and add more recipients. The interface is really slick and clutter-free.

Perhaps much more than these two, one feature stands out for its enormous usefulness. iOS 7 introduced group messaging but it left out the option to leave the group or silent the conversations. Auki brings the capability to silence a conversation – especially a group conversation – so that you don’t get any annoying notifications from a particular conversation!

A lot of interesting features make Auki one of the finest Cydia tweaks with enormous attention to detail. If you prefer a quick reply system that’s native to the stock Messages app, this is your solution.

Price: $3.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Auxo 2

Auxo 2 Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

The new Auxo was an instant hit even as it made it to the Cydia repos. However, it lacked support for the iPad. With an update to Auxo 2 now (1.1), iPads are also supported. And as expected, Auxo 2 seems more suited to the iPad as if it’s designed just to be on the iPad.

Auxo 2 clubs the task-switcher and the control center, with customization options that let you dictate how the whole interface looks and works. The Quick Switcher mode lets you switch between recently-opened apps faster than ever.

Price: $3.99 | Repo: BigBoss


Ryan Petrich’s Lockshare tweak removes a simple limitation in iOS 7. If you clicked photos from the lockscreen camera, you don’t get to share them. LockShare removes this limitation and puts a share icon so that you can share the photos. Like most of Ryan’s tweaks, this one is a really simple and elegant solution. You’ll need to add Ryan’s private repo to get the tweak. It’s

Price: Free | Repo: Private


QlockTwo iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

QlockTwo is an interesting lockscreen tweak that puts words instead of numbers for the clock. It’s based on popular old-time tweaks for the digital clock taking a literary turn. QlockTwo looks minimal and works great. This one again comes from a private repo.

Price: Free | Repo: Private