Apple has announced iOS 7 features with massive overhaul. Read more on it.

While it’s acceptable that iOS has gone somewhat stale over the years – without any major overhauls to the interface – there’s plenty of scope for new features to be added to make iOS 7 interesting. Apple does introduce some new features every time it upgrades the firmware. But it isn’t always as interesting as the concept features that one sees across the web.

These iOS 7 features are curated from across the world. Made from designers who think right out of the box to introduce more power to iOS 7, some of these concepts are awesome. It would be great to see Apple accept these and build it right into iOS 7 features but only time will tell.

iOS 7

iOS 7 Concept Features

Inspired by the talk about flat-UI and the apparent-death of skeuomorphism in Apple’s UI, this concept takes a different approach to the flat UI on iOS 7. It’s not a perfect concept as such (design-wise, it doesn’t look quite refined) but there are some very good starting points for developers. I was particularly interested in the NC and the Lockscreen. Also, take a look at the slide options in the Contacts app. That’s something really nice.

iOS 7 Panorama Wallpapers and Powerful Siri

This concept by Ran Avni and Christian Lue shows some interesting changes to iOS 7. First off is the Android-styled panoramic wallpapers (which some rumors say that it’s a part of iOS7). The concept video also shows some powerful Siri moves: Siri can take up multiple commands at once, can order a pizza for you and do much more.

iOS 7 Toggles

This is an interesting concept but not quite new. The concept puts a toggle icon on the right of the status bar – which is accessible from the homescreen as well as the lockscreen. When you tap it, all the settings toggles slide down and you can edit them right from here. Brightness, music playback, alarm, connectivity etc. You can even configure what toggles to have on this list and probably, in what order too.

Bianco’s iOS 7 Overhaul Concept

We’ve been talking about a massive overhaul of iOS 7, especially after Johny Ive has taken over the design there, but as far as concepts go, we haven’t seen anything of this sort yet. Bianco re-imagines iOS 7 with a lot of features. The lockscreen has more features and control; apps on the dashboard act like widgets with relevant information and action so that you don’t have to load the app every time; music controls are readily accessible from the dock icon; you can do quick replies and quick calendar additions. Quite a concept, I’d say.

iOS 7 Smart Lockscreen

Mohamed Kerroudj, a designer, has given a major overhaul to the lockscreen, empowering it with more actions that you can imagine. At first glance, it’s a bit overwhelming because you can almost do a lot of stuff from the lockscreen. It basically beats the purpose of having a lockscreen but what the heck. It’s cool!

Dockless Springboard

The dock is a permanent fixture on the iPhone and other iOS devices. How about getting rid of it for something better? You still have the ability to access favorite (or frequently-used) apps instantly but in a typical modernist fashion. This concept from iPhoneSoft shows you how the iOS 7 concept would look like.

Notification Center Actions

The Notification Center is actually becoming quite strong with Cydia tweaks. In fact, there are tons of NC tweaks that make it easy to perform several actions right from the Notification Center. In this iOS 7 concept, Shaik adds actions to Notification Center elements. For instance, if there’s a missed call info, you can swipe it and take a decision: call back, message or set as a reminder. It’s a very functional thing. My vote goes for this. Take a deeper look here.

Circular Lockscreen with Toggles

iOS 7 Lockscreen Mockup

This is a bold and daring lockscreen concept for iOS 7 – something that I’m sure won’t find its place in Apple’s redesign of the next mobile operating system. But it’s definitely something that Cydia tweak developers should take a shot at. This lockscreen, as is clear from the screenshot above, is power-packed. There’s toggles which let you access messages, music, Twitter, Instagram and almost any other app. And of course, shortcuts for camera, volume and DND exist too.

Quick Settings

Cameron’s QuickSettings iOS 7 concept is awesome and beyond words. It’s a simple feature – so simple that you wonder why Apple didn’t put that on the iPhone. A drag-up (opposite to the drag-down for NC) reveals a page full of settings toggles. Currently, you either use NCSettings or SBSettings which resides in the NC but this one is a separate interface specifically intended for settings toggles.

Multitasking on iOS 7

Jesse Head designed a unique iOS 7 concept interface which does a complete overhaul of the multitasking feature in iOS. In fact, it’s so overhauled that the real multitasking now available on iOS seems obsolete. As the designer mentions himself, the present feature is more or less ‘app switching.’

In this concept, the designer imagines the iOS 7 multitasking interface as a series of slides with the app (just like how you get in the iPad). Also, there’s prime controls (music playback, volume) and a search bar. The live titles thing is a real charm. All said and done, this is another feature Apple is definitely not going to apply. But I just hope someone takes this up (like they did with Auxo).