Apple’s listening to the feedback. The newly seeded iOS 7 Beta 3 has subtle changes that are clearly the result of what people have been saying about the design of iOS 7. Especially the fonts. And of course, there have been many other subtle and interesting changes too.

Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 3 to developers over the weekend and there have been quite a few modifications to the UI. From thicker fonts to a larger status bar, Apple’s designers have been making several changes to the UI. Right after the jump, we’ve got some of the most important changes listed.

iOS 7 Beta 3 Features

Check it out:

Thicker Font

The first thing you’ll notice is that the font is now thicker. I don’t know but some blogs are reporting as a change in font. It doesn’t look like that. The weight of the font has been increased to be a little thicker than the previous one. This change has been reflected in almost all places so the readability has gone up a notch.

Also, grey color backgrounds have been lightened a bit. We found this gif on MacRumors that shows the changes. The thinner font/darker backgrounds is iOS 7 beta 2 and the other one is beta 3.

Thinner Font Darker Backgrounds  iOS 7 beta 3

Time In Lockscreen (Music Mode)

When you switch to music playback mode on the lockscreen, the clock is hidden. But with iOS 7 beta 3, the clock is now shown on the status bar. This is useful because you now don’t have to switch back to the normal lockscreen mode just to check the time. Subtle but useful.

Grey Dots in Calendar

Grey Dots in Calendar Feature in iOS 7 Beta 3

Calendar was kind of empty and if you scheduled an event for a date, there was no way to know it without checking the events. But with iOS 7 beta 3, dates on which events are scheduled are marked with a grey dot right beneath the date. The iOS 6 calendar has these dots and it looks like iOS 7 kind of replicates the same feature.

.com Gone In Safari, But Functionality Remains

After a long time, the “.com” button is replaced with just a period. You can of course hold on the period button to open up the domain options (like “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc.). This is more or less simplifying things on the keypad when you type URL of websites in Safari. I don’t know about you but I feel that this was kind of unnecessary. The “.com” comes in very handy a lot of times.

Larger Size Status Bar

To make things clearer, designers have made the status bar larger (although very subtly). By larger we mean both the icons and the font-size. In view of all other icons and type across the UI, this is a good move.

App Download Animation

App Download Animation in iOS 7 Beta 3

We’ve got a new App Download animation. Instead of a very translucent icon with a progress bar at the bottom, you now have a circular progress animation overlaid on the app icon.

Clock in Control Center

Clock in Control Center Feature in iOS 7 Beta 3

The Clock in the Control Center, which was changed to a thin outline in beta 2 has been restored to the filled version (of beta 1).

Pinch-to-zoom in Music (Lanscape Mode)

In the Music app (landscape mode), you can pinch-to-zoom now. Also, there are a few minor redesigns in the Music app, according to various sources.

Use Apps When They’re Updating

Perhaps, one of the most important changes is that you can now use the app even as it gets updated. Quite handy, huh?

New features in iOS 7 beta 3 get discovered often. For instance, there are also new findings about iOS in Car by Hamza Sood who keeps bumping into new code and features. Last we heard of the new features was offline dictation mode in iOS 7.

Video Walk-through of iOS 7 Beta 3