Apple’s update to iOS 7 (the beta 2) brings a few updates. Apps have been added – like Voice Memo and Photo Booth – and some apps’ design has been given a slight change.

There are also feature changes to individual apps that are truly helpful. Here’s a compilation of the most important changes that Apple has brought in on iOS 7 beta 2.

If you want to get these features on your iPhone, you should check out our tutorial on how to install iOS 7 on iPhone.

iOS 7 Beta 2 Features

1. Contact Photos in Group Chat (iMessage)

The biggest change this time around is in iMessages. In iOS 7 beta 2, iMessages has a few features added in group chat. For starters, the messages now appear with contact photos which makes it a little less uninteresting. The flat was over the board in iMessages but with this addition it looks nice. However, this is not available for individual messages.

Also, when you swipe on a message bubble (we should no longer call them bubbles, right?), you get to see the timestamp for the message.

2. Voice Memo is Back

Voice Memo Feature in iOS 7 Beta 2

An important app that was missing in iOS 7 beta 1 was Voice Memo and there were some doubts over its existence. With iOS 7 beta 2, the Voice Memo app is back with a cool icon that’s as flat as you can expect.

3. Better Weather (Cities)

Weather Feature of iOS 7 Beta 2

The Weather app now has a quick tap icon to let you switch between cities faster instead of the usual swipe action. Although not a big deal, this is a cool feature to have. Quick access basically.

4. Restore iCloud Keychain Password

Not many users have started using iCloud Keychain yet but it appears to be a potential way to get passwords on the cloud securely. Apple added a restore password option for iCloud Keychain with iOS 7 beta 2.

5. Reminders: Locate Scheduled Reminders Faster

Reminders Features of iOS 7 Beta 2

Reminders – besides being redesigned again – now has a clock icon just near the search bar. Tapping this takes you to all the scheduled events / reminders.

iOS 7 Beta 2 also has a few quirks that aren’t really cool.

1. Newsstand Redesigned

Redesigned Newsstand in iOS 7 Beta 2

Newsstand gets a subtle design change (supposedly) but it doesn’t look good. Personally, I feel that flat has been taken too far, stripped of its essential beauty in this redesign.

2. Answer & Reject Instead of Slide to Answer

Answer and Decline Feature in iOS 7 Beta 2

The slide to answer was good right? I mean, looking at the new Answer and Decline buttons, that’s what I feel. They are large and ugly for an otherwise nice iOS.