There are some subtle and some large-scale changes in iOS 7.1, the latest version of the iOS that Apple released yesterday. Changes have been made to the phone interface, to Accessibility, to the Camera app and more. But one word of caution for people who rely on jailbreak: do not upgrade to iOS 7.1.

There’s a flurry of activity right now as many users upgrade to iOS 7.1. A few folks await the results patiently before making the jump. Every new upgrade takes some toll on iPhone/iPad’s performance/battery. It takes some time before things balance out. But is upgrading to IOS 7.1 totally worth it? That’s what we’re trying to look at.

iOS 7.1 Released CarPlay, Siri, Camera enhancements; Not Jailbreak-safe

iOS 7.1 is Not Jailbreak-Safe

One of the first things MuscleNerd tweeted as soon as iOS 7.1 came out was that it wasn’t jailbreak-safe. If you treasure jailbreak tweaks more than performance and feature enhancements in iOS 7.1, you should stay away from the upgrade. As you’ll notice, the enhancements are not really that critical or impressive to warrant a sacrifice on the jailbreak-side of the equation.

Obviously, the Evad3rs team and other folks should be working on an update to the jailbreaking tools so as to jailbreak iOS 7.1 in the near future.

Remember that there is no way to downgrade to iOS 7(.0.x) if you upgrade to iOS 7.1. Not even with saved SHSH blobs.

Security Fixes Credited to Evad3rs

iOS 7.1 Released Security Fix Credits to evad3rs

In one of the most coolest moves for Apple and the jailbreaking community, at least four of the security fixes have been credited to evad3rs. One bug fix is credited to i0n1c (Stefan Essar). Not that Apple doesn’t credit the rightful people but this is probably the first time Apple has mentioned, very specifically, a team involved in breaking their walled garden for the contribution/heads-up about the security bugs.

CarPlay and Siri: The Major Additions/Enhancements

CarPlay and Siri in iOS 7.1

With iOS 7.1, as mostly expected, Apple introduced CarPlay. Of course, the cars are yet to be launched in the market, but from what we’ve seen so far, CarPlay is a better way of integration between your iPhone and your car.

In keeping with this, there are some specific enhancements to Siri and the way it understands and responds to your commands.

But if we move away from in-car performance, we have one big change to the way Siri functions: you can how hold the home button, speak to Siri, and then release the home button to make sure Siri only interprets what you spoke when you pressed and held on the home button. This is a big advantage for when you want to control what Siri needs to hear and respond to although it makes it a little old-school.

Various Interface Changes

  • Amongst the various other UI changes, we have:
  • Redesigned call interface with emphasis on icons and round buttons instead of the rectangles
  • Auto HDR in the Camera app
  • Interface changes in the power off screen
  • Options to disable or enable burst mode photo uploads (all photos in the burst mode can be uploaded)
  • Major additions to contrast, larger text, bolder/blacker text in Accessibility that makes the UI clearer.
  • Mini events-view in Calendar

Overall, the changes are sort of okay. The security fixes are important but not so much that you should drop the jailbreak and upgrade to this one. The interface changes are also good but they’re not totally different or game-changing. If you’ve gotten used to things on the current version (iOS 7, 7.0.4, 7.0.6), you probably don’t want to upgrade at all. Not for the moment.