Apple released iOS 7.1beta for developers and although it should be a while before a final release happens, there’s a lot to get excited about in this version.

iOS 7.1b1 brings a bunch of updates to the interface and a lot of minor bug fixes and updates. It does not have massive overhauls but the little changes are quite driven by usability. Here’s a list of things that have been updated/changed/tweaked:

Features of iOS 7.1 Beta

What is New in iOS 7.1 beta:

  • In the Notification Center, when there are no new/unread notifications, it’s not empty. “No Notifications” or “No Missed Notifications” appears instead.

No Messages in Notification Center Feature in iOS 7.1

  • When you use the “burst mode” feature in the camera, all the burst mode photos can now be uploaded to your Photo Stream on iCloud.

Burst Mode Camera Feature in iOS 7.1

  • Thankfully, you can turn off this feature from Settings → Photos & Camera
  • There’s a new option called “Use Dark Keyboard” under Settings → General → Accessibility which sets the keyboard to be the dark version wherever you it pops up. If this is turned off, you get the usual behavior (white keyboard in some places, dark one in others). Come over to the dark side?

Dark Keyboard Feature in iOS 7.1

  • In the Notification Center, there’s a new icon for clearing the notifications.
  • The camera now has new HDR options (called HDR Auto).
  • Under Settings → General → Text Size, when you enable Bold Text, you don’t have to reboot the iPhone anymore.
  • Cosmetically, the new Yahoo! logo appears everywhere and Flickr has its logo updated.

Of all the features, I think the dark keyboard and the HDR auto will be two important features to look out for.

The betas can be installed only if you are a registered developer (with a registered UDID).

A note regarding JB: it is usually safe to avoid any beta version and this one is no different. MuscleNerd tweeted as much when he said “it is far safer for those waiting for iOS 7 JB to avoid today’s 7.1b1.”