As somewhat expected, Apple released iOS 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes and one major improvement to TouchID. It’s a valuable update for iPhone 5s users and over the hours of the release, I noticed some users reporting noticeable speed improvements in TouchID.

The update should be available on your iPhone 5s (and all other devices that can run iOS 7.1). Unlike previous major updates (iOS 7 and 7.1), this one does not seem to have affected battery performances but it might too early to type this.

iOS 7.1.1 Released with TouchID Improvements and a Couple of Bug Fixes

Major Change in TouchID

We have had iPhone 5s users face routine TouchID issues and one way of fixing it was re-calibrating the fingerprint. While it was hard to pin-point the exact problem, it has now emerged that Apple fixed this routine calibration failure by tweaking the way TouchID works. This is what is new, according to an unconfirmed reddit post.

According to the post, TouchID now makes multiple scans of every position you use while calibrating. This helps the on-board software to predict possible errors that could crop up in the future. Algorithm designed to remove this error or compensate for it now makes TouchID better- and possibly, faster.

The faster processing time for TouchID has been confirmed by many users who upgrade to iOS 7.1.1.

Other Bug Fixes

According to the meta on the update, Apple says it fixed a problem / bug with Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver on. There’s also a mention about a keyboard lag bug being fixed.

For the folks that jailbreak their iPhones/iPads, just like iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1 is still outside the ambit of a jailbreak. So if you plan on keeping your jailbreak, keep away from this update.

iOS 7.1.1 Device compatibility:

  • iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c
  • iPad 2, 3, 4 and Air
  • iPad mini (original) and Retina
  • iPod touch 5th gen

More about iOS 7.1.1 from Apple.