Ever since iOS 6 was released, a lot of hue and cry over the deficiencies of the platform has been registered almost everywhere. The Maps app has drawn a huge flak, there are problems with FaceTime and most notably, thousands of users have reported Wi-Fi issues.

Disclaimer: the cause of the problem seems to vary and there is no clear pattern either. I am just providing a lot of ideas, suggestions and some solutions that fixed the Wi-Fi issues without any guarantee of these working in your case.

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iOS 6

The WiFi Problem

The Wi-Fi problem surfaced immediately after iOS 6 was released on September 19th, but it really blew up a couple of days later. Countless users have poured their problems on forums, Apple Support and elsewhere and it is really bad that quite a lot of them are still facing the same issues that they did at the start of the predicament.

We have been doing our own research and trying to figure out ways that are working for users. Of course, we are disappointed to a large extent because Apple hasn’t been able to pin-point and fix the issues as yet.

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Is It iOs 6 or Device-Specific?

At the start of the search for some really solid and pragmatic solution, we have been constantly thinking about this: is the Wi-Fi problem iOS 6-specific or merely device-specific.

There have been quite a few frustrated users where the Wi-Fi hasn’t been working only on the new iPad and has been pretty much fine on iPhone 5 or other devices.

But there have also been users where the Wi-Fi settings are totally grayed out after an upgrade to iOS 6. That’s really strange.

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App Store Issues

To a lot of users, the whole thing boils down to not being able to access the App Store (Slow or Unresponsive iTunes/App Store). Linking this to Wi-Fi problems wouldn’t be right as we believe that this could be due to the massive overhaul of the App Store with web-intensive elements like HTML5 and stuff like that.

However, we have to address these issues too. So jump ahead and look at the various solutions that have worked for a few users in getting rid of the Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6.

Methods to Try

Method One: Reset Network

Resetting the network has helped quite a lot of people.
To do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Open General
  • Scroll down and tap on “Reset”
  • Now tap “Reset Network Settings”

Reboot your iDevice and check if things work.

Method Two: HTTP Proxy = Auto

This is another method suggested by a lot of users for whom it worked, mostly on the iPhones.

To do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the blue icon on the right of the network you are on
  • Now scroll down and where it says HTTP Proxy, select Auto

Again, reboot and check to see if this fixes the Wi-Fi issue.

Method Three:

Total restore (from backup, or as new) is not something that we recommend right away but you should actually try this too before coming to conclusions.

Most users would have upgraded from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6 just like that. But if you have taken a good backup (on iCloud or on iTunes), you can proceed with a full restore of the iDevice to check if Wi-Fi gets fixed after this.

To do this:

  • Back up all data to iCloud or to files on iTunes
  • Erase all settings, data and stuff from your iDevices through Settings->General->Reset
  • Restore via iTunes to the latest firmware version (iOS 6)

Resources and More Discussions
Apple actually released a fix for Verizon customers alone. This, reports say, helped a lot of iPhone users get through the Wi-Fi issues.

Tablet Crunch provided the first ideas on the Safari-based fix (although I am quite sure that this didn’t work for a majority). But it is worth reading if you are desperate.

Apple’s Recommended Settings and iPad WiFi Support

iOS 6 Recommended Settings for Wi-Fi routers & Access Points
(users are requested to try testing the Channel setting with “Auto” and with “5GHz” ones)

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting and Support for iPad

Last Call: Replacing The Device
Apple lets you replace your device within the warranty period. If you bought your new iPhone just now, or if your iPad still falls under the offered warranty, you can call up the tech guys and get your iDevice replaced citing Wi-Fi issues.

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Apple seems to be quite aware of the iOS 6 problems and they are willing to replace devices where the iOS 6 issue has gotten really serious and become unresolvable.