As with every iOS update, battery issues cropped up first with iOS 6. Three weeks have passed since the release of iOS 6 and almost 85% of the users have faced battery issues.

There are exceptions as always: some users have reported that their iPhone 4S running iOS 6 is doing better after the update! But of course, the majority is still facing the same issue that everyone faced after the iOS 5 update – battery drains faster.

iPhone Battery Life

At a Glance:

  1. Maps, GPS: Mostly Main Culprits
  2. Drain Down, Recharge Fully
  3. Restore From Backup
  4. Charge Twice. Thrice.
  5. Downgrade (A4-Devices Only)
  6. Resources/Discussions

Maps, GPS: Mostly Main Culprits

It has been long since rumored that Maps, Location Services and other GPS-consumers would be the most-probable culprits. Reports from various sources have been constantly pointing out that Maps does drain out a lot of battery time out of your iOS 6 device.

There is really only one thing you can do to improve iOS 6 battery life: turn-off location services when not needed.

Optionally, make sure that Maps is closed down after every time you use it. (from Multi-task switcher)

Drain Down, Recharge Fully

One tip found repeatedly on most discussion boards was this:

  • Drain down the iOS device completely
  • Charge it to 100% without using it anytime during the charging process
  • Begin using after the full charge

Doing this once has actually made things better for a lot of users who have upgraded to iOS 6. Of course, not everyone has tasted success with this method but you should try this if you haven't already.

Restore From Backup

This is yet another of those crazy-sounding methods which have actually worked.

  • Backup all data to iCloud/iTunes
  • Reset all settings on your iPhone/iPad
  • Restore the device via iTunes
  • Try using the device to see how the battery fares

Very few users have found this method helpful. This happened with a lot of our iPhones too when the iOS 5 update came and some users do report that the same method works good for iOS 6 too.

Charge Twice. Thrice.

Most smartphone users can connect chargers to their devices at work. Now, since Apple isn't officially acknowledging any battery issues with iOS 6 and since this pattern is being observed from iOS 5's time, we think that this will be a trend now.

Come to think of it, iOS is getting pretty strong and feature-rich. Of course it will drain the battery. Often, software makes faster leaps than hardware.

Since most of us can charge the device more than two times a day, it makes sense to charge it as much as possible to avoid battery issues. Simple and no-nonsense way of making the best out of situations.
Downgrade (A4-Devices Only)

With every iOS update, there are a bunch of us who want to go back to the good old days. That is why we wrote on downgrading to iOS 5.1.1 on A4-devices. Downgrading cannot guarantee anything but mostly, it just works fine.


  • Discussion over at Apple Support forum
  • One user at MacRumors has actually experienced a better battery life after the iOS 6 update.
  • One more user where the restore via iTunes worked.