Now that the jailbreak is out and you mostly have jailbroken your iPhone, you may be looking at the top Cydia tweaks to install on your iPhone. There are tons of them but the 7 tweaks mentioned here are the must-haves from the jailbreak world. You’ve got to experience their power once you install them on your iPhone.

Important tweaks like LockInfo, IntelliScreenX, Auxo and even NCSettings (this just came in) have been successfully tested to work in iOS 6.1. Let’s just take the jump and find out more of these:

Some of the best Cydia Tweaks that are compatible with iOS 6.x:

1: Winterboad
Quite naturally, the most amazing theming tweak for your iOS devices, Winterboard is compatible for iOS 6.1. Perfectly. Winterboard comes with a ton of themes you can download from Cydia and then apply to your iPhone. The real power lies in the customization options. While there aren’t any large-scale updates, that fact that it supports iOS 6.1 is a cool thing.

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Best Free Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 6

2: NCSettings
We’re a fan of SBSettings but we also love NCSettings for its simplicity. Jamie tweeted that NCSettings has been tested for iOS 6.1.

3: Veency
Saurik also updated Veency – the most simplest and the easiest VNC client for the iPhone – to support iOS 6.1.

4: SBSettings
SBSettings is a tweak not many can live without. If you’ve ever used this, you’re going to jailbreak your iPhone precisely for this smart little tweak that adds huge functionality to your notification center. Toggle between a lot of settings controls without having to open Settings again. Tweak’s tested for compatibility with iOS 6 and above. Includes 6.1, yes.

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5: Activator
Oh, this one is yet another tweak that you just can’t miss. Activator has been tested for compatibility and works just okay with iOS 6.1 too.

6: Auxo
Does this tweak even need an introduction? Auxo turned out to be one heck of a popular tweak after the initial days of the The Verge post which seems to have started it all. Auxo sells for $1.99 on Cydia, has been tested for iOS 6.1. Perfecto!

7: biteSMS
The last I heard from biteSMS, they were testing the app for iPhone 5 compatibility. Yes, biteSMS is perfectly ready for iOS 6.1 too!

These are just some of the most popular tweaks that are ready for iOS 6.1 and I am guessing that these have become some of the most-downloaded tweaks from day one of the launch of Evasi0n jailbreak. Make sure you bookmark this and other jailbreak-related posts on iGB.

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