The verdict with iOS 6.1.2 isn’t all the great. In fact, I’m hearing a lot of negative words all along. I’ve not updated to iOS 6.1.2 myself and since I don’t use Microsoft Exchange, there was nothing out of the ordinary for me to update to iOS 6.1.2.

We’ve scoured forums, blogs, discussion boards, twitter timelines, Facebook updates: a vast majority of the people who have updated to iOS 6.1.2 are saying that the battery has only gotten worse. Of course, there have been exceptions where the battery has either remained unaffected or given a better benchmark but about 90% of the users are saying that the battery has just worsened.

Our recommendation at this point would be: do not update to iOS 6.1.2. I know this is coming a little late for a lot of you but we’ve had to wait for the results. Apparently, the supposed battery-fix through Exchange hasn’t really worked the way everyone intended it to work.

ios612 battery issue

Battery drain has been a huge problem since iOS 6. Oh yeah, it has been a problem even before that but things got real bad since iOS 6 and later. Apple has officially stated, with every new update, that the battery issues are fixed but that kind of never happened for all.

iOS 6.x Bugs, Wifi, Exchange

First there was the Wi-fi problem. Then iPhone 4S had 3G issues. And then there was this Exchange bug. I don’t know but do we realize that iOS 5.1.1 was one of the best firmwares we had before things changed (for better/worse)?

So How to Get a Better Battery Performance?

Frankly, I’ve lost hope with Apple’s battery fixes. I think they’ll do something that will only worsen it or create other bugs. Anyway, that’s not the point. We gotta fix our battery ourselves now.

There are few things you can do to help reduce the battery usage. Maps, background apps, stuff like too many apps eating the memory, location services etc. can be eating up your battery real fast. Overnight charging may not be enough.

Besides these, you can also try to – if things are real worse – restore your device. Of course having all backups would make more sense for data-intensive peeps but if it’s the amount of apps, data and other stuff that’s causing battery drain, you might want to do a clean restore.

A lot of apps can cause a battery drain that can be avoided by removing apps that you no longer use.